Case Study

BitRaser helps Arlington City Council perform Secure & Compliant Wiping of PCs containing Criminal Justice Information Service (CJIS) Data.

Client - Arlington City Council.

"BitRaser's report generated on cloud with detailed information of systems and technicians really sold us and helped during our auditing process."

Arlington City Council is the local governing authority in Arlington, Texas. It comprises several departments, including Action Center, Airport, City Auditor, Code Compliance, Health Services, Municipal Court, etc. The Council needs to maintain vital records of citizens, services, and other critical information concerning law enforcement, national security, intelligence, etc., on computer systems. Electronic recordkeeping is crucial for the authority to oversee public administration, deliver services, and ensure good governance.

Business Need Arlington City Council needs to erase the sensitive data stored on endpoint systems such as the computers and hard drives used in various departments. This ongoing need varies round the year, spanning the erasure of a few devices to wiping several hundred PCs as part of the device refresh cycle.

The council needed to erase highly sensitive data of the Criminal Justice Information Service (CJIS). Secure erasure of the CJIS data was crucial for the governing body to meet regulatory compliance.

It was particularly looking for a data erasure solution with the following capabilities:

  • Data erasure using the DoD 5220.22-m standard with a minimum of 3 passes
  • Erasure Reports with detailed information of the wiped systems and data erasure technician involved
  • Scalability to erase the varying number of PCs throughout the year

The IT supervisor of Arlington City Council reached out to Stellar for evaluating BitRaser Drive Eraser, a professional data erasure software for wiping hard drives, PCs, servers, etc. The Council's IT department wanted to assess BitRaser data wiping capability as per the DoD 5220.22-m standard and its reporting features. BitRaser effectively wiped the PCs as per the DoD standard. It also generated tamper-proof data wiping certificates and reports with detailed information of the devices and technicians. Further, the software uploaded the data erasure records on a secure cloud.

Key Benefits

1. Secure Wiping:
The council could wipe the PCs and hard drives securely using the DoD wiping standard along with verification of erasure.

2. Comprehensive Reports:
BitRaser generated detailed data erasure reports that helped Arlington City Council with the audit process.

3. Cloud Reporting:
Data erasure reports uploaded on the cloud provided an organized repository of records for audit trails and for historical reference. This feature also offered convenience and manageability.

Business Need
  • Erase Data Securely from devices using DoD standard

  • Obtain Erasure Reports with details of wiped systems & the name of technician

BitRaser Drive Eraser
  • BitRaser Drive Eraser performs secure wiping leaving no traces behind.
  • The software erases using DoD 3 pass & 7 pass. It generates erasure reports that can be saved on cloud for future reference.