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Safe Disposal Of IT Assets Is Important To Prevent Data Breach situations

Safe disposal of IT assets

As data is the organization’s most valuable asset, protecting it and
keeping it out from falling into wrong hands during the end of it’s lifecycle is of paramount importance. There has been a growing appreciation of these challenges in keeping information secure. Today mature organizations treat Information Security as an enterprise and business issue rather than a technical concern.

It is all about trust

Trust is the glue that holds our societies and economies together. To gain trust in business, you have to ensure the integrity of your products,services, and operations as well as protection of confidential information

Data erasure is critical during disposal or reallocation of IT assets

Data security, IT hardware disposal and environmental sustainability are among the most urgent topics of concern for IT decision makers. Yet,
most IT capital goes towards improving internal security while off-network breaches remain a serious and often unrecognized threat. The average lifecycle of a computer remains under five years – which means safely disposing of these devices once their effective life is over is an increasing concern, especially for companies with thousands or tens of thousands of pieces of IT equipment. Retired assets being ushered out the back door are a serious liability if robust IT asset disposition (ITAD) procedures are not in place. To make it even more challenging, the asset disposition companies deploy a variety of techniques and processes that do not offer the highest levels of protection. While some ITAD companies
promise security, few actually deliver.

The mobile variant now has a unified interface that can handle simultaneous erasure and diagnostic of mobile devices. It also offers wider set of diagnostic tests and improved reporting.

Probable Reasons For Risks On The Rise

Emergence of security breaches motivated by financial gains.

  • Increased security risk as suppliers, vendors & partners share common
    network & information base.
  • Escalating incidents of malicious insider activities.
  • Discontented ex-employees compromising security by exploiting ineffective systems & processes.

With Information security as a global concern and intention to keep data private and secure during the stage of IT Asset reallocation or disposition, a professional data erasure solution that not only addresses but also meets the statutory and regulatory compliance requirements for your day-to-day business needs across the globe is necessary.

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