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About ICT Summit

ICT Summit, which sets the agenda Since 2000, Turkey's technology and information; supporting the creation of vision, strategy and roadmap of individuals, companies and our country by carrying the future to this day; multidimensional aspects of the impact of new technologies on economy, politics and social life; how to prepare for tomorrow; the largest and most comprehensive event of the region, including the countries of the region. The international ICT Summit event, which is being held every year, also continues to be the leading business and cooperation event of our country and the region, which makes the present and the future of the interaction of the Turkish Business World with technology.

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Meet the Team

Abhishek Jain

Sr. Manager- Partner Business

Namrata Sengupta

Head - Partner Business

BitRaser Variants

BitRaser helps IT Asset Disposition Companies manage the data erasure tasks in the most efficient manner by erasing data permanently using international standards of erasure and generating tamper proof yet customizable erasure certificates. ITAD’s greatly benefit from the manageability and scalability feature of BitRaser software where more than 65000 drives / storage media can be erased simultaneously over a network and erasure reports are stored centrally to maintain audit trails. BitRaser, the certified data erasure software helps R2’s, ITAD’s, Refurbishers meet data erasure requirements of their end clients to erase and sanitize storage devices like SSDs & HDDs in desktops and laptops. It is the best software that helps them erase data in the most efficient, cost-effective, secure, and socially responsible manner.

Erase 32 Drives simultaneously


Is a software to permanently erase data from drives beyond the scope of data recovery. It can perform high speed simultaneous erasure of 32 drives and provides detailed audit trails.


BitRaser Enterprise Edition
Erase 65000 Drives over a network

BitRaser Enterprise Edition

Software to perform high speed bulk data erasure over a network. You can erase up to 65,000 drives and get detailed erasure reports & certificates for fulfilling internal & external audit requirements.


BitRaser for Mobile
Erase iOS and Android devices easily

BitRaser for Mobile

BitRaser for Mobile is a privacy safeguarding software. It is an effective & efficient solution to permanently erase all data from your mobile devices such as smartphone and tablets running on iOS and Android.


BitRaser Capabilities

Certified & Secure Erasure

Efficient & Reliable

Manage Erasures Over A Network

Cost Effective

Generate Erasure Reports & Certificates

Customizable Certificates

Centrally Managed Database

Simultaneous Erasure of Multiple Devices

Pay Per Use License

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