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The arrival of a shiny new PC and becoming a proud owner of a faster and a better hard drive rings every bell in the heart. As the time comes to pull up your new PC on the desktop, it’s time to toss your old equipment in the trash and start using your new PC? But halt! not so fast.

Firstly, the old drive’s data must be cleaned off so you don't become a victim of an identity theft. Here is an important note that simply deleting the data off your hard drive doesn't actually delete it. It basically just hides it from immediate view. For truly hiding the data on your storage device and protecting yourself against identity theft, you need to take more drastic measures that overwrite your drive space with ones and zeroes.

Different technology and scenarios call for different tools. We'll identify the best secure-erasing utility for every job, no matter what type of drive you're using. Further, data can’t be recovered from the formatted or wiped storage device even by using secure-erasing utility or experts working at data recovery lab. Wiping your hard drive by the erasing software doesn't have any drawbacks unless you accidentally lose your backed up data but that's rare.

Below are important benefits of wiping storage devices properly:

  • Allows an old computer that has become slow to be as fast as it was when new.
  • Deletes (almost) all viruses from your computer.
  • Increased data security and assurance that no data can be recovered.
  • Abstain yourselves to worry about the crucial documents stored on the disposed drive.

P.S: You can take image or create a backup copy prior disposing the drive if you need the stored files in future.

Using BitRaser, you can wipe data more securely and at a higher speed. It’s considered as one of the best and safest data wiping solutions available in the market, which handles your data security earnestly. It guarantees to permanently destroy data by performing clean formatting and erasing information stored throughout the storage area. Thus, it gives no trace of deleted or formatted files to any data recovery experts or proficient recovery programs.

Who can use this?

BitRaser assures full data wiping regardless the storage device nature or wiping frequencies in serves industries and legal authorities:

  • Research and development center
  • Educational institutes like universities or colleges
  • Government bodies or regulating authority
  • Healthcare industry
  • Hotel and Travel
  • ITES (IT Enabled Services)
  • Automotive
  • Recyclers and Refurbishers
  • BFSI
  • Consulting
  • Manufacturing
  • Telecom

The process of data erasure also depends on the nature of business and level of confidentiality in an organization. Various governing bodies strictly ask you to adhere to all the policies of data breaches. A list of international laws and company policies exists, which may ask or run a complete audit to ensure that proper storage drive disposal techniques has been followed accurately.

Why Using BitRaser is crucial?

BitRaser will better handle almost any type of data wiping requests and promises to deliver highly satisfactory results. Explore few advanced features about this utility below:

One tool for all kind of data wiping solution

This is the only tool you’ll need to clean any type of device carrying sensitive documents. Be it, Laptop, desktop, internal or external hard drive, RAID drives, servers etc.

Acceptable to compliances needs

You can perform complete data wiping without breaking the industry rules or statuary compliances needs.

This software follows standards like: BDSG, GDPR, ISO27001, SOX, HIPAA, GLBA, JPIPA, EU-DPA, IT-Act, PCi-DSS, ISAE 3402-3416. Different international certified authorities have defined the standards (17 algorithms) for any disk wiping utility.

Multiple drive wiping

You can handle multiple wiping request across different types of storage device in one go. You can perform flawless data wiping on list type of attachments including IDE/SATA, SCSI, SAS, SATA and USB. Further, wiping on even large volumes or highly capacity storage drives are possible only by using BitRaser. Wiping solid state devices (SSD) is also possible using this advanced file eraser utility. Additionally, it’ll detect different type of upgraded hardware introduced recently such as Unified extensible firmware interface (UEFI) or BIOS.


Live reporting about the wiping process and lets you share the progress reports with the concerned persons. Additionally, you will get permanent data wipe certification using BitRaser, which assures authorities about powerful and trusted data erase.

Unparalleled speed

Perform data wiping at high speed, doesn’t matter how much complex the situation is. It still gives you higher success rate with no data left on the targeted storage device.

With all these attractive features, BitRaser becomes the perfect tool for data erasure. This is one of the most secured data erasure applications that will erase all kinds of unwanted files from various storage devices thereby removing all chances of data recovery!

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