How To Prevent Data Breach

How Tos’

There are many different ways your personal information can be stolen electronically. Use these simple tips to help create a safer virtual environment for yourself:
  • Password Protection
  • Avoid sharing of passwords with anyone.
  • Don't reply to any pop-up message that requests you to provide personal information
  • Never respond to any unsolicited e-mail
Identity theft is the top consumer complaint in the USA according to the Federal Trade Commission. This is because people just dispose the old computer without properly wiping away the existing data. First and foremost, you should make a note that simply deleting the old files or reformatting hard disk does not erases the data as the data can be recovered by using a data recovery program that are freely available. The story behind deleting the data is that a certain marker is set on the hard disk to indicate that the file isn’t available. But the contents of the file are still present. Now what to do? You will need a software to do the secure wiping of your hard disk for you, which is BitRaser that wipes the disk using highly recognized and acclaimed predefined advanced algorithms, by overwriting the existing disk data with a new, random meaningless data. Overwriting the existing disk data is done multiple times to secure a higher level of safety with no scope of recovery.
While you're upgrading to a new machine, the question arises: what are you going to do with your old one while wiping it? How do you make sure that the sensitive data on your PC — financial records, passwords to credit card Web sites, important e-mails don’t fall into the wrong hands? Here are some tips on cleaning your computer so you can sell or donate it with no worries:
  • Back Up Data Onto a Portable Drive
  • Deactivate Your Software
  • Destroy Your Drive
  • Have a Copy of the Operating System to Reinstall
  • Erase Your Data from the Hard Drive
  • Reformat the Hard Drive
  • Reinstall the Operating System
These processes may sometime leave traces of your private information pertaining on your hard disk, but now with the arrival of BitRaser, you are in full control of data wiping, which is just a matter of time. Further, you can manage IT assets disposal process, mitigate risks associated with highly confidential data.

So it’s the term end for your PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone. Before letting it go, be sure to follow this quick check list to prepare your device for its new owner. If you don’t follow these steps, you may lose important personal data or you may have your personal data at risk of being recovered by the device’s new owner.

  • Back Up Your Personal Data
  • Although this part is obvious, but it is important anyway. If you’re selling your gadgets to a new owner, you should back up your important personal data and take it with you. If you’re already backing up your important personal data, you should know where the data you care about is on your computer and should already have backup copies. Backing up of data can be done in many ways, such as: Local Backups: It’s important to create local backups to an external drive or another PC because this is the quickest way to create backups. Online Backups: There are a number of paid online backup services and there are also some file sync services like Dropbox that provide backup type of capability. System Image Backups: Rather than simply backing up files, you can create a complete backup of your system that can be restored over top of your system. The only problem with creating these backups is that they require a real lot of drive space. The best way is to create an image, and then you can use it to easily restore everything rather than reinstalling everything manually. Now, in case of Android phone or tablet, the data is backed up by Google. Most of the data on your mobile device is likely synchronized with online services, so it will be available after you wipe the device.

  • Wipe the Drive
  • If your laptop or desktop computer has a traditional magnetic hard drive, it’s possible for people to recover the data from the hard drive even after you reformat it and reinstall the operating system. This is because reinstalling the operating system won’t erase every sector of the disk. If you’d like to erase every sector of the disk, you’d want to use a tool like BITRASER before reinstalling Windows on your computer. This tool wipes your entire drive and will erase any manufacturer recovery partition found on it.

  • Reinstall the Operating System or Factory Reset
  • Once the drive is properly and the personal files have been recovered, you should to set it back to its factory default state before passing it on to its new owner. Note: In case, after performing all these procedures, still traces of your personal and confidential data persist, use BitRaser that is the perfect tool for data erasure as this one of the most secured data erasure applications that will erase all kinds of unwanted files from various storage device thereafter removing all the chances of data recovery.

To wipe a hard drive means to completely erase the information of the drive. Deleting or formatting everything does not always wipe a hard drive. Thus, an extra step is to be taken care of to wipe the hard drive completely. When you format a hard drive or delete a partition, usually the file system is being deleted, making the data invisible but not gone. A file recovery program or special hardware can easily recover the information even after formatting 3-4 times. If you want to make sure that your private information is gone forever, you'll need to wipe the hard drive using special software. BitRaser is the software that will erase your data with no scope of recovery as it is an effective and certified data eraser program that is user-friendly and highly secured. This application automatically wipes away the stored data from any storage device. The significant highlighting features given below will keep your worries away:
  • Safe Data Erasure
  • Instantaneous Erasure from Multiple Devices
  • Available in Bootable USB drive
  • Reliable Erasure Algorithm
  • Generate Erasure Certificate for Audit Trails
Erasing an SSD (solid-state drive) not only sanitizes the drive, but it also recovers lost performance on systems with inefficient garbage collection. Fortunately, there is a secure-erase utility like Bitraser that does work with the SSD drives. Let us look over it step-by-step:
  1. Run your system, it will show you the first screen.
  2. Now, to enter into system BIOS you need to press a key (This is a unique for an individual manufacturer)
  3. Next, you need to choose the 'Boot' tab in BIOS.
  4. Under the Hard Drive Order section of Boot tab, verify some of the settings - under the Hard Drive Order section check 'Feitian StoreR4S' option and under CD/DVD ROM Drive Order, check'No Removable Drive' option.
  5. Click on Exit BIOS and save your changes.
  6. Restart the machine, after successfully connected the BitRaser USB drive to the system.
  7. Now, your machine is ready to boot from the connected BitRaser USB drive.
  8. Run BitRaser. The Erasure tab (which is selected by default) will list all the attached storage devices.
  9. Select storage devices you want to wipe by marking the check box before every storage device.
  10. From “Advanced Option” section, select any one of the following wiping algorithms: Zeroes, Pseudo-random, Pseudo-random & Zeroes, Random Random Zero, US Department of Defense, DoD 5220.22-M, US Department of Defense, DoD 5200.22-M (ECE), US Department of Defense, DoD 5200.28-STD, Russian Standard - GOST-R-50739-95, B.Schneier's algorithm, German Standard, VSITRY, Peter Gutmann, US Army AR 380-19, North Atlantic Treaty Organization-NATO Standard, US Air Force, AFSSI-5020, Pfitzner algorithm, Canadian RCMP TSSIT OPS-II, British HMG IS5.
  11. Next from Advanced Option section, select any one of the  verification methods:
No Verification- No verification is done after the media is wiped.
Random Verification- Random verification of the storage device is done after the wiping operation, that is, randomly selected sectors of the storage device are verified after wiping operation.
Total Verification- Total verification verifies all the sectors of the storage device after the wiping operation is completed.

  1. Click “Erase” to start wiping the storage device.
When you delete a partition or format a hard drive, you're only deleting the file system as the data has just become data invisible but not gone. A file recovery program or special hardware can easily recover the information. If you want to make sure that your private information is gone forever, you'll need to wipe the hard drive using special software, such as Bitraser. You can securely wipe data from your hard drive / pen drive by using BitRaseris erasure feature. You can choose a wiping algorithm from a list of 17 data wiping algorithms. Selection of wiping algorithm is available under Advanced Options section. Also, there are three verification options available to you to verify that the data has been wiped permanently and is no longer recoverable.



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