BitRaser Development

Erasure on Standalone Devices

BitRaser is a plug and play software which can be easily deployed for erasing data from PC’s Laptops, Desktops, Hard Drives, USBs and any other storage device. Follow the below process to do a step by step erasure or call us for a managed erasure. You can also write to for assistance in deployment.

Step 1

Insert BitRaser dongle in the machine on which hard drive erasure has to be performed.

Step 2

Restart this machine and enter BIOS settings. This will differ on the make of your machine.

Step 3

Select the “Boot” tab in BIOS. Under the Hard Drive Order section of Boot tab, you should see ‘SmartUkey option, select this as the default boot drive. Save and exit. Reboot and ensure BitRaser dongle is connected. BitRaser will now launch.

Step 4

Once BitRaser Home Screen appears, all connected drives will be listed. Select the ones that have to be erased.

Step 5

Select the erasure algorithm and whether verification is required or not, then click Erase.

Step 6

All selected drives will be erased with the selected algorithms. Once the erasure process is over, a confirmation message will be displayed of successful erasure.

Step 7

All erasure reports can be gathered from the “Reports” tab and saved on the BitRaser USB dongle or any other USB drive.


BitRaser is a solution from Stellar Data Recovery


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