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An Ideal Data Erasure Solution for ITADs

BitRaser Data Eraser solution for drive and mobile provides ITADs scalability, manageability, and automation, helping them meet bulk data wiping needs. BitRaser Drive Eraser “Admin Console” variant offers ITADs a lightning fast way to bulk erase up to 65,000 drives simultaneously. The software also allows erasure of up to 100 devices simultaneously using the plug and play variant. BitRaser mobile supports simultaneous erasure of up to 40 devices and helps perform diagnostics through a series of automated and assisted diagnostics test (40+). Both variants are integrated with a secure cloud console that helps maintain reports & certificate repository and assist in user and license management.

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Be a part of the upcoming session on 20th April at ADISA ITAD EXPO event covering a panel discussion on 'THE ITAD INDUSTRY REVIEW 2023' designed to exchange ideas and insights on the current state of the sector and establish the expectations for this dynamic industry.

DateApril 20th, 2023
Timing15:30- 16:00
VenueWoburn House, London

Namrata Sengupta


We are all busy focusing on our day jobs which means we can miss trends or innovations which are happening in our sector. The ITAD industry review is a broad panel session to share views and thoughts on where the sector is and what might be around the corner. Aiming to be both reflective and ambitious, the panel will share their fears and concerns about the sector but also their hopes and aspirations for this exciting and growing industry.

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What Brands, Business & People Say About Us

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Our experience with BitRaser Drive Eraser for wiping SSDs and drives has been exceptional. The software is easy to use and offers web friendly user experience and custom build system for each technical expert or managers.

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BitRaser helps us meet our compliance requirements by generating automated erasure reports immediately after erasure is completed. We also appreciate that It helps us monitor as well as erase several devices simultaneously, helping us save time as well as manpower.

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BitRaser has given above and beyond services since day one. Backed by a team of skilled professionals BitRaser helped us constantly. The team goes out of the way to help us with much-anticipated instructions in a friendly tone giving us priority all the time.

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Overall we are extremely satisfied with BitRaser. The software is user-friendly and meets e-Stewards, R2 Standards for compliance. Also, their tech support is excellent.

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BitRaser Support is really efficient. They accurately understood our needs and put us on the right track to help improve performance.

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BitRaser helps CompuCycle - a leading Texas-based ITAD company set up an automated, scalable, and ERP-integrated data erasure facility. The organization needed a data erasure tool that could seamlessly integrate with its existing ERP system to deliver fast and automated data erasure service on a large scale. BitRaser Drive Eraser Admin Console was an ideal fit to meet Compucycle's data erasure requirement that provided 100% integration with the company's ERP system.

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BitRaser helps EcoTecno, an ITAD and electronics waste recycling company based in Sao Paulo, Brazil, provide eco-friendly and secure IT asset disposal. The organization was earlier using physical destruction for IT disposal generating e-waste. The company found the BitRaser Drive Eraser Offline USB variant as an ideal fit that helped them promote device reusability or resale to support monetization.

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eLoop, an IT lifecycle management company based in Pennsylvania, finds ease of use & optimization while using BitRaser with their ERP setup. BitRaser's seamless integration with Makor ERP made it easy to meet bulk data erasure needs, adhering to all compliances & standards that were needed. BitRaser has given many benefits that include accessible reporting, hardware profile , PXE wiping which is intuitive.

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BitRaser helps a Boston-based ITAD to attain e-Stewards compliance with single solution offering data erasure, integrated hardware diagnostic & reporting. The organization needed a data erasure software that has a built-in hardware diagnostic functionality with a consolidated reporting capability and asset tagging feature. BitRaser Drive Eraser served as an ideal solution for Brass Valley with native ability to diagnose the hardware & generating tamper-proof reports to support company's compliance needs.

BITRASER® Variants

Comprehensive Range Of Data Erasure Software To Meet Your Needs

BitRaser® Drive Eraser
BitRaser Drive Eraser Software Box

Erase multiple hard drives anywhere using bootable USB media.

Learn More view drive eraser software
Bitraser® Drive Eraser with Admin Console
BitRaser Drive Eraser With Admin Console Software Box

Erase up to 65000 hard drives and devices over a local network.

Learn More view Drive Eraser With Admin Console software
BitRaser®Mobile Eraser & Diagnostics
Mobile Eraser and Diagnostics Software Box

Simultaneously wipe or diagnose up to 40 Android & iOS devices.

Learn More view Mobile Eraser software


BitRaser® Tested, Certified and Compliant

NIST_Logo certificate

NIST Test Results for Forensic Media Preparation Tool: BitRaser Drive Eraser.

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adisaMobile ADISA_mobile_certificate_new

ADISA Product Claims Testing Certificate for Mobile Device Wiping using BitRaser.

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drive ADISA_drive_certificate

ADISA Product Claims Test Certificate for Drive Wiping using BitRaser.

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hipaa hipaa_certificate

HIPAA Compliance Certificate issued by Compliancy Group to Stellar.

View Certificate PDF pdfarrow
nyce_Logo certificate

Software Product Certificate in Compliance with the Mexican Standard NMX-I-9126-2-2011.

View Certificate PDF pdfarrow
ontrack ontrack_certificate

Erasure Verification Report for SSD and HDD erasure using NIST.

View Certificate PDF pdfarrow
stiq stiq_certificate

Drive Erasure Test Report by STQC IT Services for BitRaser.

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