BitRaser® OEM Partner Program

BitRaser OEM Partnership Program brings incremental revenue opportunity to the software product companies & IT hardware OEMs. The OEM partner program allows you to bundle our BitRaser product line, comprising globally accredited and acclaimed software tools, widely preferred in the data erasure industry. Our OEM Program offers you the choice to augment your existing product’s value through diverse combinations.

You can bundle ‘BitRaser File Eraser’ software with other software programs like antivirus or VPN program and offer an enhanced data security solution to your customers. Likewise, clubbing our ‘Drive Eraser’ software with laptops and desktops can tremendously increase the professional “media sanitization” capabilities of your target market. BitRaser Drive Eraser can erase all types of data storage devices, including loose hard drives, computers, USBs, and generates tamperproof reports & certificates. Choosing BitRaser gets you the best solution based on the numerous certifications & endorsements, our data erasure software tools & company have received from global accreditation bodies like ADISA, HIPPA, etc.


BitRaser® OEM Partner Models

Hardware OEM

We invite the makers of data storage hardware, including external hard drives, laptop and desktop PCs & Mac, memory cards, USB flash drive, and server storage to bundle our data erasure software and boost their offerings in the target markets. BitRaser tools are best suited to help maintain the data privacy for all, including non-technical user & technical users, who uses a storage media or computer.

Software OEM

BitRaser software OEM partnership is ideal for companies publishing software tools like antivirus, utilities, system tune-up utilities, etc. As a software OEM, you get to package our data erasure software in your portfolio and augment your offerings for individual users and businesses.


Benefits of BitRaser® OEM Partner Program

Best-Selling Software

Our BitRaser product line is widely preferred for its reliability, trustworthiness, and ease-of-use. We enjoy a vast customer base of 3 million+ users spread across more than 190 countries. Choosing BitRaser gets you in the league of elite sellers of professional data erasure software, largely unparalleled in the global data erasure industry.

Comprehensive Solution

Leverage BitRaser OEM partnership to potentially serve across all the storage drive and devices segment, including the actively used storage hardware and those lineup for refurbishment. BitRaser equips you with an unparalleled capability to offer media sanitization solutions for individual files, computer and server storage, loose hard drives, and mobile devices.

High Conversion Rate

Enrich your value proposition and boost sales by bundling BitRaser software with your product offerings. BitRaser software has a proven track record of bulk adoption and high conversion rates that can grow your average order value and revenue.

Trusted & Certified

BitRaser is tested, certified, and approved by leading international accreditation bodies such as NIST, ADISA, NYCE and the likes. These certifications, awarded after rigorous product testing, assure the end customers with a failsafe and compliant data erasure solution.

Strong Technical Support

We offer best-in-class technical support through phone, Skype, Chat, email, web ticketing, & exhaustive knowledgebase articles. BitRaser OEM Partner program is available with premium Tier-2 support, providing you prioritized attention for optimal understanding of the product.

Trusted Brand & Quality

BitRaser is a product from Stellar® - one of the leading global data care brands, trusted by Fortune 500 companies. Our 8000+ strong partner network testimonies the Stellar brand equity, product quality, and the success of our Partner business.


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