ADISA Certification BitRaser Drive Eraser Verification

The test conducted by ADISA on SSD drive using BitRaser Drive Eraser v3.0 validates that the software when used in accordance with the specification (NIST 800-88 standard), sanitizes data on SSD as outlined in ADISA Test Level 1. The ADISA certification process is multi-tier & requires testing a SSD drive against known ADISA data threats and residue after it has been securely overwritten by BitRaser. The ADISA Threat Matrix defines a series of capabilities and risks that various threat agents can pose on the security of a device.

ADISA Certification BitRaser Mobile Eraser Verification

The test conducted by ADISA on iPhone using BitRaser Mobile Eraser and Diagnostics 3.0 mitigates the threat posed by the Threat Actors holding the capabilities outlined by Test Level 1 on the tested devices. A key element to the claims test is that the software has to be used in accordance with the specifications to sanitize mobile devices.

NYCE Certificate of Compliance BitRaser Drive Eraser

The National Organization for the Standardization and Certification of Excellence in Information Technology, Electronics and Telecommunications (NYCE)” in Mexico certifies BitRaser secure data erasure software for erasing data permanently from storage media beyond data recovery scope. NYCE has 25 years of experience in the development of standards and in conformity assessment of different standards established nationally and internationally.

STQC Certificate of Compliance BitRaser Drive Eraser

STQC IT service tested the tool “BitRaser V1.2", in respect of its capability to erase the data files in different storage devices. The testing has been carried out with "BitRaser V1.2", using " NIST Clear" algorithm, on different storage devices like SATA, PATA, SCSI hard drives, SSD & USB drives with different file systems like NTFS, FAT (32/64)' Ext3, Ext4.The results show that the erased data could not be recovered with the available data recovery tools used for the testing purpose. This report provides readers with validated evidence about a product's capability as secure data erasing features.


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