Scalable, Automated & Bulk Erasure Solution

Ideal For ITADs & Refurbishers

As an ITAD company or refurbishing firm you need an efficient solution to help you fulfill media sanitization & refurbishing tasks as per the size and scale of your business.

BitRaser Drive Eraser software lineup provides a “universal” data wiping solution with Scalability, Manageability, and Automation. The drive erasure tool can wipe standalone & rack-mount devices by using “plug-n-play” bootable USB stick and bulk erase thousands of loose drives & devices seamlessly on a local network through PXE network boot wiping technology managed through an Admin Console. BitRaser Drive Eraser offers you the choice of Cloud or Offline deployment, allowing erasure of drives & devices at Internet-enabled facilities as well as at locations that don’t have WAN access.

“Cloud” implementation of BitRaser Drive Eraser leverages powerful Cloud Console for performing erasure tasks at any Internet-enabled location in the world, while retaining centralized control with you for easy manageability.

Expand Your Data Wipe Capabilities

Scalable Erasure of Desktops, Laptops, Servers & Loose Drives

BitRaser Drive Eraser software enables your ITAD business through delivery of data wipe services at scale while leveraging easy and integrated ways for solution deployment. It gives you the choice to erase drives the way you want.

Bulk Erase Using PXE Network Boot Wiping

BitRaser Drive Eraser “Admin Console” variant offers you a lightning fast way to bulk erase up to 65,000 drives simultaneously over a local network by using Preboot eXecution Environment (PXE) network boot wiping technology. The software allows you to connect different makes & models of drives and devices in the same local network setup, and boots through the PXE to bulk wipe all the drives in a unified workflow.
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Plug-n-Play Erasure with Bootable USB Stick

BitRaser Drive Eraser allows you to wipe standalone devices & rack-mount storage drives by using a bootable USB. The USB variant offers you ‘out of box’ capability for erasing drives when the PXE network boot wiping option is not feasible or preferred such as in the case of performing on-site erasure. Leverage bootable USB option to deliver drive erasure services just about anywhere without the need for any special setup!
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Data Erasure on-the-go

Deliver Drive Erasure Services Anywhere in the World

BitRaser Drive Eraser lets you wipe drives at Internet-enabled facilities through cloud as well as erase storage media at locations that are completely offline by using bootable USB. It allows you to wipe devices at the location you prefer.

Erase Globally, Manage Centrally through Cloud

Choose "Cloud" implementation of BitRaser Drive Eraser with Internet connectivity to unlock a host of solution benefits viz.

  • Global deployment of erasure anywhere via Internet
  • Centralized management of all erasure tasks through secure cloud management console
  • Consolidated repository of digitally signed reports & certificates for all erasure tasks

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Sanitize Offline Devices Using Bootable USB

Pick “USB” delivery option for BitRaser Drive Eraser to perform erasure of drives without Internet connectivity. The physically shipped bootable USB stick is an ideal solution when –

  • Performing erasure at high-security locations such as defense establishments & research labs.
  • Serving standalone erasure requirements that need complete offline execution & local recordkeeping

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Erase with High-Efficiency & Automation

BitRaser Drive Eraser lets you deliver large media sanitization projects with high-efficiency & automation by –

  • Enabling ‘out of box’ disk wiping without the need for software installation or media preparation
  • Minimizing manual supervision through remote erasure of drives on local network
  • Erasing large number of (up to 65000) drives simultaneously
  • Allowing integration with ERP systems (such as Makor) to automatically synchronize IT asset data & lineup devices in erasure workflow

Stay e-Stewards, R2, ADISA & NAID Compliant

BitRaser, a certified data erasure software implements global standards of media sanitization & can help your organization attain compliance with e-recycling standards such as e-Stewards, R2 Standard, ADISA and NAID AAA. The software performs media sanitization in a way that is inherently safe, trustworthy and eco-friendly with systematic provision to fulfill the prerequisites of the prevalent e-recycling standards.


Accurate Device Check to Maximize Resale Value

Our Mobile Eraser & Diagnostics tool provides a fast and highly reliable solution for mobile Refurbishers, allowing accurate diagnosis of iOS® and Android® devices along with grading of smartphones & tablets through 30+ assisted & automated tests. The software generates erasure & diagnostics report that depicts the working of various features of mobile devices like camera, bluetooth, GPS, touchscreen etc., Likewise, BitRaser drive eraser has a diagnostics utility built-in with S.M.A.R.T that can assess drive health.

Mobile Refurbishers find it a great utility to help ascertain resale value of the mobile device and get the best trade-in price, thereby maximizing returns.


Deliver Secure & Compliant Erasure Service

BitRaser Drive Eraser is a managed & certified data erasure solution that helps you fulfill media sanitization needs of large enterprises, government organizations and SMBs, offering failsafe compliance with leading data protection regulations.

The software generates verifiable & tamperproof reports & certificates of erasure that serve as immutable audit trails for 100% compliance with regulations such as GDPR, HIPAA, SOX, GLBA & more, allowing you to offer “peace of mind” to your end customers.


Hardware Profiling & Diagnostics to Support Monetization

BitRaser erasure report, generated after erasing any storage drive, also comprises detailed S.M.A.R.T information of the drive, indicating its reliability and operational status through a digitally signed record.

This information can help you ascertain residual value of the erased hardware towards maximizing asset monetization through refurbishment and resale.


Optimize Operational Cost with Value Licensing

BitRaser Drive Eraser software licensing is available such that you get the best value for your money, as follows:

  • The licenses are available in pay-per-use mode with perpetual validity (i.e. no expiry). So, you only pay for what you exactly use and carry your existing licenses for as long as you wish.
  • The software usage is governed by universal licensing, allowing you to erase all types of drives HDD, SSD, & NVMe etc. using one single type of license.

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