SECurely ERASE data to safeguard privacy & comply with laws

Ideal for Educational Institutions

Wipe Data From PC, Laptop & Mac to Stay Compliant

BitRaser Drive Eraser helps educational institutions permanently wipe sensitive data when repurposing, reallocating, or disposing of IT assets.

  • Wipe data permanently to ensure data doesn't fall into the wrong hands.
  • Erase multiple devices simultaneously to prevent data leakage.
  • Erase using global erasure methods like NIST 800-88, DoD, HMG, etc.
  • Standardize the erasure process across locations using the ISO customization feature.
  • Automatically save erasure reports & certificates on the centralized cloud console.
  • API available to Integrate with Asset management software
  • Stay Compliant with regulations like FERPA, COPPA, CCRA, GDPR, etc.
BitRaser Solution for Wiping Desktops and Laptops


Wipe Devices Securely To Meet Regulatory Compliance

BitRaser Drive Eraser is tested and certifed by NIST & Common Criteria respectively to wipe drives & devices. You can perform onsite, offline or remote data erasure using the software. 

24/7 Accessible Cloud Console For Managing Users & Erasure Licenses 

BitRaser cloud solution offers benefits like:

  • Erase drives & devices at physically spread out university locations.
  • Ability to create multiple users at different locations via cloud console and perform standardized erasure.
  • Easy 24/7 access to repository of all erasure reports & certificates via BitRaser cloud console.
Offline USB Variant To Wipe At Locations Without Internet

Offline deployment of BitRaser Drive Eraser offers benefits like:

  • Erase multiple devices simultaneously with portable USB at locations without internet.
  • Simultaenously erase 100 devices with a single USB.
  • Helps comply with university data removal policies of erasing data securely and maintaining audit trail locally.

Erase External Drives, and USBs Securely

Academic Institutes can take advantage of BitRaser Drive Eraser software to erase data stored on the external hard drives, SSDs and flash drives.

  • Helps erase drives of all make and models in your premises
  • Simultaneously erase 100 drives at a time using a rack or chassis
  • Supports erasure of all major drive types like SATA, SSD, NVMe, PCI, SAS, SCSI, etc.
  • Generate audit trails for meeting compliance in form of erasure reports
  • Get access to cloud console to manage users, reports, and licenses
  • Perform remote erasure using BitRaser Drive Eraser Windows variant  
  • Get drives SMART health status in the report
BitRaser Solution for Wiping Loose Drives


Bulk Drive Wiping Software to Maintain Data Security

Leverage BitRaser Drive Eraser variants to erase drives at internet-enabled locations worldwide or choose the offline variant to wipe drives at facilities without internet. For large universities performing voluminous drive erasure, we offer Network cloud variant to perform data erasure of more 65000 drives over a  network.

Cloud-Console For User, License & Report Management

The Cloud variant of BitRaser Drive Eraser solution comes with benefits such as:

  • ISO Customisation to standardize data erasure across locations.
  • Allows creation of users and group with multiple roles of admin, manager, user and auditor.
  • Allows saving erasure reports and certificates for anytime anywhere access on BitRaser secure cloud console.
USB Boot Wiping for Non-Internet Facilities 

BitRaser Drive eraser software delivered to you physically offers the following benefits:

  • Concurrent erasure of drives on non-internet locations through portable USB media.
  • Single Solution available for hard drives and SSDs.
  • Generates erasure reports for meeting compliance with business policies that restrict record keeping to local systems.

Securely Erase Data from Servers

IT Administrators of Academic Institutions can wipe servers and simultaneously erase upto 65,000 drives.

  • BitRaser Drive Eraser - Network cloud variant allows wiping of 65,000 drives simultaneously over a network
  • Access to a cloud console for managing users, licenses, reports & certificates repository
  • Software generates erasure reports to serve as audit trails for compliance
  • IT Admin can erase drives using bootable USB or through PXE over a network
  • Software supports both standalone and network servers
  • Supports Enterprise Level drives for Servers
  • Reports can be saved in multiple formats such as PDF, CSV & XML.
BitRaser Solution for Wiping Servers


Dual Drive Wiping Option To Prevent Data Leakage

Leverage the BitRaser cloud to erase drives at multiple internet-enabled locations worldwide or choose the physical delivery of software to wipe drives at offline facilities. For large Enterprises that perform voluminous erasure, we offer cloud-based API that can be integrated flawlessly with internal asset management tools.

Powerful Cloud-Console Utility For User & License Management

Cloud-based BitRaser solution comes with benefits such as:

  • Simultaneous erasure of drives and devices at physically spread out facilities with internet.
  • Multiple user creation across boundaries to perform erasure of drives or mobile devices depending upon the variant you choose.
  • The flexibility of distributing licenses along with managing a central cloud repository of reports & certificates.
Offline USB Boot Wiping for Facilities with No Internet Access

BitRaser Offline deployment mode offers the following benefits:

  • Simultaneous erasure of drives through portable USB media without Internet.
  • Wiping of storage media at restricted sites that do not have internet access, such as R&D facilities and military establishments.
  • Compliance with business policies that restrict process documentation & record keeping to local systems

Erase Files, Folders & Volumes Seamlessly

BitRaser File Eraser wipes sensitive files, folders, internet history, volumes etc. to maintain data privacy and meet compliance.

  • Erase sensitive data like research material, assignments files, PII etc.
  • Erase files or volumes without erasing operating system or applications of use
  • Erase browser history, system & application traces to safeguard privacy
  • Erase free space to wipe previously deleted data
  • Erase files periodically using the 'Schedule Erasure' feature
  • Generate & upload erasure reports automatically to BitRaser Cloud
  • Software available for Windows and Mac

Recommended Product

BitRaser Solution for Wiping Files and Folders


Maintain Data Privacy by Erasing Unwanted Files Regularly

Boost data protection capabilities by implementing scheduling of erasure tasks backed by automated reports of erasure.

Scheduling of Erasure Tasks for Protecting Sensitive Data

BitRaser File Eraser helps unlock a host of benefits that include:

  • Schedule file erasure tasks at intervals, ranging from once every day, weekly to monthly or with system restart.
  • Erases files with high efficiency with simultaneous erasure of multiple files.
Easy Access to Automated Reports for Compliance

BitRaser File Eraser saves time by providing benefits such as:

  • Get digitally signed reports and certificates of erasure in PDF or XML format for maintaining audit trails.
  • Generates 100% secure and tamper-proof reports that help fulfill compliance requirements.

Unified Solution For Erasing & Diagnosing iPhone, iPad & Android phone

BitRaser Mobile Eraser & Diagnostics is an easy to use tool for wiping & diagnosing University issued mobile devices.

  • Erase & Diagnose multiple iPhones & Android based phones simultaneously
  • Erase smartphones to safeguard data confidentiality
  • Wipe FMIP locked iPhones easily
  • Wipe iWatches before selling it to safeguard privacy
  • Erasure reports act as audit trails to meet compliance like FERPA, COPPA
  • Perform 40+ diagnostic checks to gauge mobile health
  • Special discounted pricing for educational institutions to perform bulk erasure of devices

Recommended ProductBitraser

BitRaser solution for wiping Android and iOS Devices


Leverage BitRaser Mobile to Reduce the Total Cost of Ownership

BitRaser Mobile Eraser and Diagnostics allows seamless diagnosis and wiping of iOS and Android phones through its fluid interface.

Secure Data, Prevent Breaches, Boost Resale, and Increase Productivity

BitRaser Mobile solution allows you to perform both erasure and diagnostics seamlessly. Wipe devices in minutes by choosing from the 10 global erasure standards like NIST 800-88, DoD 5220-22M, etc. in order to:

  • Enhance data security and achieve compliance with secure data erasure
  • Deploy erasure anywhere via the internet and centrally manage all erasure tasks through the cloud console.
Maximize Efficiency, Boost Productivity, Monetize Residual Value

BitRaser Mobile provides enterprises with a combined solution that offers comprehensive diagnostics and ratings of mobile devices to help maximize resale value and :

  • Get the best value for used mobile devices with device grading and health-check
  • Build confidence, achieve scalability and transparency by utilizing diagnostic reports


Software for Educational & Academic Institutions

BitRaser® Drive Eraser
BitRaser drive eraser software

BitRaser Drive Eraser enables you to meet your data confidentiality needs by securely wiping drives on Mac, laptops, PCs, and servers. This reliable data wiping software is designed for end-of-life IT devices, allowing you to reuse and resell old assets without concerns about data leakage. Utilizing this solution your institution can achieve its ESG goals and support a circular economy. The tamper-proof erasure report serves as an audit trail, ensuring compliance with standards such as ISO 27001, FERPA, GDPR, CPRA, and more.

Learn More Know about BitRaser File Eraser Software

BitRaser® File Eraser
BitRaser file eraser software

BitRaser File Eraser is a user-friendly file wiping utility for effortlessly erasing files, folders, application traces, volumes, and internet history on both Windows & Mac machines. The software helps retain applications & operating system. This tool is specifically crafted for file-level erasure, aiding in compliance with regulations such as PCI DSS. The software generates erasure reports that helps in compliance. The reports are accessible 24/7 from any internet-enabled location via the BitRaser cloud console.

Learn More Know about BitRaser File Eraser Software
BitRaser®Mobile Eraser & Diagnostics
BitRaser mobile eraser and diagnostics software

BitRaser Mobile Eraser & Diagnostics is easy to use mobile wiping and diagnosing solution. You can switch between erasure & diagnostics with a single click. The software allows simultaneous wiping of up to 40 mobile phones. Performing over 40 diagnostic tests, it assists in maximizing the resale value of your old Android and iPhones. The auditable erasure reports provided by the software contribute to meeting regulatory compliance with data privacy laws.

Learn More Know about BitRaser Mobile Eraser and Diagnostics Software


Tested, Certified, and Compliant

NIST Test Results for Forensic Media Preparation Tool: BitRaser Drive Eraser.

View Report PDF Bitraser
Bitraser Bitraser

BitRaser Drive Eraser is Common Criteria Certified for Assurance Level EAL 2 through IC3S Evaluation.

View Certificate PDF Bitraser
Bitraser Bitraser

ADISA Product Claims Test Certificate for Drive Wiping using BitRaser.

View Certificate PDF Bitraser
Bitraser Bitraser

ISO 27001: Stellar is ISO 27001 certified for its Information Security Management System by TÜV SÜD.

View Certificate PDF Bitraser
Bitraser Bitraser

ADISA Product Claims Testing Certificate for Mobile Device Wiping using BitRaser.

View Certificate PDF Bitraser

HIPAA Compliance Certificate issued by Compliancy Group to Stellar.

View Certificate PDF Bitraser

ISO 9001: Stellar is ISO 9001 certified for its Quality Management System by TÜV SÜD.

View Certificate PDF Bitraser

Software Product Certificate in Compliance with the Mexican Standard NMX-I-9126-2-2011.

View Certificate PDF Bitraser

Erasure Verification Report for SSD and HDD erasure using NIST.

View Certificate PDF Bitraser

Drive Erasure Test Report by STQC IT Services for BitRaser.

View Report PDFBitraser
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The best part of BitRaser is its speed and user-friendly features. It is quite easy to use. To make it even better, the developers can add more features to the report.

We have used the Stellar BitRaser and we are completely satisfied by the same. Also it's easy to use and manage in the corporate sector. In future also we will consider the same for Data removal whenever required.

BitRaser helps us meet our compliance requirements by generating automated erasure reports immediately after erasure is completed. We also appreciate that It helps us monitor as well as erase several devices simultaneously, helping us save time as well as manpower.

Our selection of BitRaser over competition was based on the promising features the software offers. Our choice to select BitRaser for performing data erasure has been a fruitful one as BitRaser software exactly delivered to it promises. We are glad to have used their services.

Good product, works as expected. Customer support service is great. The instruction docs posted publically online helped us assess the procedure before purchasing the software.

BitRaser was selected for our requirements on grounds of 'high data erasure speed', availability of a 'wide range of data erasure algorithms', unique 'wiping certificate' generation ability and detailed reporting logs. BitRaser's technical support team responds well.


BitRaser helps IQ-EQ, a leading Fintech company based in Luxembourg, wipe hard disk drives and solid state drives & generate erasure certificates. It allowed them to fulfill their prime need for a certified data wiping solution with globally recognized data wiping standards for meeting international data privacy and data protection regulations.


BitRaser helps EcoTecno, an ITAD and electronics waste recycling company based in Sao Paulo, Brazil, provide eco-friendly and secure IT asset disposal. The organization was earlier using physical destruction for IT disposal generating e-waste. The company found the BitRaser Drive Eraser Offline USB variant as an ideal fit that helped them promote device reusability or resale to support monetization.


eLoop, an IT lifecycle management company based in Pennsylvania, finds ease of use & optimization while using BitRaser with their ERP setup. BitRaser's seamless integration with Makor ERP made it easy to meet bulk data erasure needs, adhering to all compliances & standards that were needed. BitRaser has given many benefits that include accessible reporting, hardware profile , PXE wiping which is intuitive.

Download Brass Valley Case Study

BitRaser helps a Boston-based ITAD to attain e-Stewards compliance with single solution offering data erasure, integrated hardware diagnostic & reporting. The organization needed a data erasure software that has a built-in hardware diagnostic functionality with a consolidated reporting capability and asset tagging feature. BitRaser Drive Eraser served as an ideal solution for Brass Valley with native ability to diagnose the hardware & generating tamper-proof reports to support company's compliance needs.


Top Ten Most Popular FAQs

BitRaser Drive Eraser supports erasure of up to 100 drives at a time on one machine. You can also wipe 65000 drives simultaneously over a network.

You can connect BitRaser to the cloud console via Ethernet or Wi-Fi.

Yes, the application performs hardware profiling and hardware diagnostics on the machine.

No, our single license type supports the erasure of all types of drives.

No, BitRaser licenses do not expire. Furthermore, our licenses do not expire with time; hence you have the freedom to use the licenses as and when required without worrying about expiry.

Yes, our solution performs secure erasure on devices and generates verifiable audit trails that come handy in ensuring compliance with not just HIPAA, but CCPA, GDPR, GLBA, and the likes.

Our globally accessible cloud variant allows you to have a central repository with records of all your erasure reports & certificates and manage your users & licenses online.

You can customize the ISO by choosing the 'Customize ISO' option in the cloud dashboard.

Yes, BitRaser software gives an option to save reports in PDF, CSV, and XML formats.

The minimum requirements are:
OS: Windows Server 2016, 2012, 2008 R2, x86 or x64
RAM: Minimum 4 GB, Recommended 8 GB
USB PORT:2.0 / 3.0

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