BitRaser® FAQs

Yes, BitRaser Drive Eraser supports erasure of data from all kinds of SSD's. The application can perform Secure Eraser (SE), Cryptographic Eraser (CE), Block Erase (BL), NVMe erase etc. by using BitRaser Secure SSD Erase or NIST standard.

Wiping even once with BitRaser Drive Eraser guarantees that data cannot be restored in any manner. However, BitRaser allows you to overwrite multiple times.

Yes, with BitRaser Drive Eraser, you will get an option to select the drive you wish to erase. You have the option to either select a single drive or all the connected drives to erase at one go.

The internet connectivity issue can easily be resolved, you just need to ensure a few pre-requisites like- Service Port - 2000 & Server Port- 80 is open in Firewall and enabled. The machine must have a Wi-Fi network card or Ethernet port to establish connection.

Yes, you can simply boot BitRaser From a USB flash memory drive if the USB is loaded with the ISO image of BitRaser Drive Eraser software. Our application is a simple Plug & Play tool.

Yes, BitRaser Drive Eraser software is OS Independent. It does not require any OS on the machine to perform data wiping. Hence, you can easily wipe any system even though it does not have any operating system installed.

BitRaser Driver Eraser can erase any drive with block size of 512, 520 & 543 bytes per sector.

Yes, BitRaser Drive Eraser provides reports and certificates of the erasure which are automatically uploaded to the BitRaser Cloud Console or can be also saved locally onto a USB drive from the software itself.

An Eraser report can be saved on the Cloud Console using the Cloud variant of Drive Eraser that you ordered digiitally. Using the PnP Offline USB based solution, report can be saved on the USB or any other external USB drive.

BitRaser Drive Eraser is an advanced solution which conveniently wipes Microsoft Surface machines with SSDs or NVMe storage drives. The application practically works with all the latest models of Surface Pro's including Microsoft Surface Pro 7, Microsoft Surface Pro X, Surface Pro 6 etc.

Yes, BitRaser Drive Eraser specializes in securely erasing SSDs beyond the scope of recovery. The application supports NIST Purge 800-88, as well as BitRaser Secure & SSD Eraser wiping standards, to erase all types of SSD drives.

Absolutely. BitRaser Drive Eraser supports wiping of all kinds of hard drives & SSDs with one type of license.

Unfortunately No, as BitRaser can only wipe physical media that can be mounted as a storage on a machine.

Yes, BitRaser Drive Eraser supports eraser of hybrid drives. The application is duly tested on such drives.

Yes. BitRaser Drive Eraser can wipe low ram machines of minimum 1 GB.

Yes. BitRaser Drive Eraser can wipe the drives with encrypted data.

Yes, BitRaser is a perfect solution for wiping Servers. The server is simply required to be booted up via BitRaser USB and the application will show all connected drives on the server.

BitRaser Drive Eraser completely supports UEFI boot. For erasing machine using a UEFI boot simply disable secure boot and then select the UEFI loader option to boot the application on the machine.

Yes, BitRaser can erase encrypted hard drives. Encrypted hard drives, which are boot password protected, can be wiped after entering the password for unlocking the drive. Once the drive is unlocked it can be securely wiped using the application.

Simply perform a quick boot on the machine and select the bootable USB from the list. Upon selecting the USB the software will load on the machine.

Yes, you can simply create bootable media from the BitRaser Drive Eraser- ISO file. This can be done by using a simple flashing tool called Rufus.

This can happen if the created USB or DVD is not properly burnt. Also, please ensure that the USB or DVD is the first choice for bootable media once the system is started. The option is called boot priority device in boot menu.

Yes, BitRaser Drive Eraser solution can be easily used to erase multiple SATA drives simultaneously. This can be achieved by simply using a Supermicro server, Drive Caddie or Drive Chasis. This storage unit needs to be connected to a Server where BitRaser is running.

BitRaser software gives the option to upload the Erasure Report from the Offline variant to the Cloud console. Hence, using the Offline variant you can perform wipe and extract the Report for importing in the Cloud Console.

Yes, BitRaser can be used to perform eraser on RAID volumes. It can also be used to wipe HPA, DCO and Remapped Sectors of the hard drives.

BitRaser has a single type of license for all kind of storage drives. Hence, the same license can be used for SAS drives as well.

Yes, you can customize the ISO by choosing ‘Customize ISO’ option in the cloud dashboard. The portal allows you to customize your ISO and to pre-configure all major settings to automate your wiping process.

You can create as many USB's as you want from the bootable ISO of the Cloud Console.

The size of the Drive Eraser ISO is approximately 650 MBs in size.

The BitRaser Cloud Management Console is hosted on the most secure Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Yes, BitRaser software does support Cryptographic Eraser for SSDs wiping.

No. The application can only erase data from drives which get detected in the BIOS.

It takes around 3 Hours for the complete wiping of 500 GB hard drive with Total verification using US DoD Eraser standard.

BitRaser Drive Eraser supports erasure of up to 100 drives at a time on one machine. You can also boot multiple machines simultaneously.

BitRaser Drive Eraser provides the feature of Advanced boot options if the regular boot is not working.

BitRaser Drive Eraser software has the Regular boot & Advanced boot. Under the advanced boot options there is Safe Mode & NO_FLR boot options. You can use Safe Mode or NO_FLR mode if the regular mode is not able to boot the machine.

BitRaser Drive Eraser specializes in securely erasing Apple Mac machines of all models. Our software is an OS independent and works seamlessly across any OS platforms. We also have a dedicated version for wiping Mac T2 devices.

These are hidden areas of a drive. The Host Protected Area (HPA) is an area of memory on a hard drive that is not normally visible to a computer’s Operating System (OS). Computer system vendors may use the Device Configuration Overlay (DCO) when they wish to have a series of hard drives of varying capacities (possibly because they are from different vendors) that all exhibit the exact same storage volume from the perspective of the OS.

The reports can be saved in PDF, CSV and XML format.

Using one license of BitRaser Drive Eraser, you can wipe one hard drive. If you need to wipe 1000 hard drives, you would need 1000 licenses.

Yes, we do provide free evaluation licenses. The license can be used to wipe server machines. We support LSI and MegaRaid for RAID dismantling. Please contact our sales team to request for a free license today.

There could be a few checks which needs to be performed. First of all, check whether the bootable media is properly created or not. If the media is properly created, please check your system BIOS to enable USB boot.

In case the BitRaser Drive Eraser License key is broken, you would need to place a new order to acquire your licenses.

BitRaser licenses have no expiry date. Our licenses does not expire with time, hence you have the freedom to use the licenses as and when required without worrying about expiry.

We have a Pay Per Drive Licensing Policy. One license is consumed to erase one hard drive

Yes, we do provide Free Evaluation license of the software prior to the purchase.

With BitRaser, you get Free Premium Technical Support 24*5 at no extra cost. You can reach us via Call, Email or Ticket system directly.

The BitRaser Drive Eraser can also be booted via DVD or Network iPXE apart from the USB boot option.

We have a dedicated variant of BitRaser Drive Eraser which is made for erasing Mac machines with T-2 Controller Chip. The software is booted via a set of USBs, one containing the software, while the other containing the licenses. The software wipes these Mac machines with ease.

Yes, the application performs hardware profiling and hardware diagnostics on the machine.

You can connect BitRaser to the cloud console via Ethernet or Wi-Fi.

No, our single type of license supports the erasure of all type of drives.

Yes, you can perform erasure without internet using BitRaser Drive Eraser. You need to buy licenses of offline drive eraser USB variant.

Yes, our application performs S.M.A.R.T diagnostics Test on the Drive.

Yes, BitRaser Drive Eraser software supports all major Intel processors, including Atom processors.

Yes, BitRaser Cloud Management Console gives you the feature of ISO customization. The Cloud credentials and other eraser settings can be saved in the ISO itself. This saves a lot of time consumed in the entire eraser process.

There are no limitations to the number of users that can be created from the Cloud Management Console.

You can save and create a total of 3 ISO's at any given time.

Yes, in the BitRaser Drive Eraser you have the option to create the pool user group. The license can be accessed by pool users.

From the Cloud Console a total of 250 reports can be saved at once from the Cloud Console.

Our globally accessible cloud variant allows you to have a central repository with records of all your erasure reports & certificates and manage your users & licenses online.

Yes, BitRaser Drive Eraser can erase G Drives and S Shuttles as well.

Yes, BitRaser Drive Eraser can wipe all drives which are data level encrypted.

Currently, BitRaser has a dedicated solution to wipe Macbooks with T-1 & T-2 controller chips. We will be coming up with the support of M1 machines very soon.

Yes, the application does supports UEFI booting as well.

We recommend NIST Purge for NVMe drives.

Yes, BitRaser Drive Eraser completely supports Fiber Channel drives as well.

Yes, there is an API available for Drive Eraser software. The API can be integrated with an asset management tool to automatically fetch erasure reports.

Our Secure Cloud Management Console is hosted on Amazon Web Server (AWS).

The application gives the feature to save the Eraser report in CSV file format which enables to save all the Reports in to a single file.

You can simply reset the Cloud login password from the login window itself. Visit and click on forgot password.

Unfortunately, this feature is currently not available in the software.

The Drive Eraser software ISO file is of 650 MBs.

No, the wiping process cannot be resumed if stopped in between. You need to restart the wiping process to ensure compliance.

A license can only be used once, it cannot be reused. Every wiping session will need 1 license for 1 drive.

We recommend to use Rufus application to create the bootable media.

You may use a USB Hub to connect two to three drives to the machine if you are using a laptop. If you are using a desktop, we recommend connecting the drives internally for faster performance.

Secure boot needs to be disabled on the machine to perform boot.

BitRaser wipes complete drive including HPA and DCO area of the drive. This process needs rebooting of the machine to gain complete access of the drive, Hence the drives cannot be hot swapped.

Yes, the Eraser Report shows the total number of bad sectors in the drive. It is also displayed in the application wiping screen.

The drives needs to be manually selected before initiating the wipe, hence display adaptor is required for the same.

The application supports LSI & Adaptec RAID cards.

Yes, the Cloud console gives the the feature of ISO customization using which the Network credentials can be stored.

There is only one Admin account created for a used account by default.

The eraser process will not be impacted if internet is disconnected. You can either connect back or else you can save the Report locally to any external drive.

Yes, we give the feature of using proxy network to connect with internet.

You can create as many USB's from the ISO after downloading from Cloud Console.

You can create as many USB's from the ISO after downloading from Cloud Console.

BitRaser supports wiping of NAS drives. The storage drive just needs to be ejected and connected directly to a machine where BitRaser is running.

Please ensure the bootable drive is created correctly. Also, check whether secure boot is disabled on the machine.

The Technical Support is available via Phone, Email and Web.

No, the license USBs can be easily recharged with more licenses electronically.

The Eraser Report & Certificate can be saved locally on the software USB or any other external USB drive.

We recommend to create a JBOD in case the RAID is dismantled.

BitRaser is a Certified Data Eraser software which generates tamper proof Audit Reports & Certificates. These are not available in the Freeware tools.

It stands for Secure Eraser, when you do a NIST Purge - 800 88 wiping if the drive supports the same.

Yes, it can be done from the settings window.

There is almost no downtime for the Cloud console. It depends upon the amazon server up time.

Yes, BitRaser Drive Eraser is tested and approved by NIST and DHS.

Yes, this can be achieved from the ISO customization.

The application supports- No Verification, Random Verification and Complete Verification.

Yes, the software is capable of wiping these storage units as well.

BitRaser is up to 20% faster than any other application in the market.

It is recommended to try the Advanced boot options like - BitRaser No_FLR and Safe Mode if the normal boot does not work.

Yes, you can customize the ISO in BitRaser Drive Eraser- Cloud and uncheck the option to wipe HPA & DCOs from the cutomization window.

This feature is available in the application, under the settings option. You can add up to 5 custom algorithms in the application.

Yes, the latest variant of Drive Eraser provide the features to add Custom fields in the software.

You can add up to 20 custom fields in the application which can be added from Eraser Details tab.

No, as per the policy only the Group Manager can delete a standard user. An admin can only delete the user if there is no Manager alloted in the group.

NO_FLR is an advanced boot option which can be used if you are unable to boot the machine normally in standard mode.

No, the software USB will not be listed in the drive list itself in the application. Hence, you can wipe freely without worrying about wiping the software USB.

Yes, absolutely BitRaser is tested successfully to wipe DELL Latitude 7300 machines securely.

Yes, the application works in both the modes. Though, AHCI is preferred mode.

Yes, absolutely. As we support both AHCI & RAID modes the application is tested in wiping these Dell servers as well.

It is advisable to change HDD mode in BIOS from RAID to AHCI for smooth functioning of BitRaser Drive Eraser.

Please ensure no external peripheral devices are connected to the machine. If yes, please disconnect and then try again.

The Licenses can be easily transferred from the Cloud Console to the Offline USB lock. This is done via License Manager feature available in the application.

You can wipe any Chromebook machine which allows USB boot. The application is tested for wiping of Chromebooks.

Yes, BitRaser Drive Eraser- Network is the product for you. The application is pushed to the client machine over the network and the machines are wiped using internet.

NIST 800- 88 Purge is the default eraser standard in the standard application.

Yes, BitRaser Drive Eraser does support Cryptographic Eraser (CE). Please use NIST Purge 800-88 for the same.

You can check the data in binary format using the Hex Viewer feature available in the Drive Eraser software.

Please check whether your Mac machine has either T-1, T-2 Controller Chip or the latest M1 processor. If Yes, Please contact our team to assist you further.

BitRaser Drive Eraser - Eraser Reports are made under the guidelines of NIST framework.

Yes, the software gives you the feature of just saving diagnostic tests without even performing the wipe.

Yes, you can simply import the report to your Cloud Console from the Import Reports tab in the Dashboard.

You would just need a license to securely erase all volumes in this drive.

The application can be updated via the Cloud Console. Under the support section you can download the ISOs.

No the licenses are not interchangeable.

No, the eraser process cannot be resumed if interupted inbetween.

The product is generally delivered within the next 2 to 3 working days from the date of procurement.

Yes, the application gives the feature to connect via proxy networks as well.

We can only wipe drives which can be mounted as a stoarge when connected to a mahcine.

A total of 20 Custom fields can be added in the software, which will be listed in the eraser report.

Yes, we do provide evaluation licenses to the business users Free of Cost.

Once the request is generated it takes from 12 to 24 business hours for the evluation license delivery.

Since, there are no confidential data being uploaded to the Cloud there is no MFA available in the Console login.

BitRaser is purely on Volume based pricing hence more the licenses, lesser would be the pricing.

The Admin cannot view the user created by the Group Manager as per the complaince and hiearachy. The Manager has more rights in his group then the Admin.

No, data cannot be wiped from firmwares.

File read- writing speed in Linux is slow, we recommend to wait for atleast a couple of minutes after the prompt of Successful Saving of Report.

Yes, the latest varaint of BitRaser Drive Eraser does support Fast Boot.

Please do share your Public IP with us, and you will no longer have any difficulties accessing the Cloud Console.

Yes, the application is tested in wiping HP RAIDs as well.

In the BIOS of UEFI mode- switch SATA mode to AHCI instead of RAID On. This will make the drive visible in the application.

Yes, both can be configured in the ISO Customization. The application priortize of Ethernet mode.

Yes, absolutely. The drive can be securely wiped via the application removing the ransomware files.

The application needs complete access of the hard drive to do complete wiping. BitLocker restricts the access of the drive itself, thus you would need to disable the BitLocker protection to perform wiping.

In order to add licenses to a User the Admin can only recharge directly from his/her account. It cannot be directly recharged.

The Eraser report generated after the wiping gives you the exact reason for reporting a failed eraser process.

This can happen in either of these scenarios- No licenses available of Drive Eraser sofwtare OR No Licenses available of any variant.

You can use BitRaser Drive Eraser: Offline or Cloud variant for the same.

BitRaser Drive Eraser is a platform independent tool. You can use on any of the machine i.e., Linux/Windows or Mac irrespective of the OS version.

Yes, you can use NIST 800-88 - Clear & Purge methods as per your wish and can perform secure erasure.

Yes, BitRaser Drive Eraser supports UEFI mode.

You can select either BitRaser Drive Eraser: Offline variant or Cloud variant as per your wish.

You can check whether any SSD is supporting secure erasure once the wiping process starts using BitRaser Drive Eraser.

BitRaser Drive Eraser With Admin console is a software that allows bulk erasure of storage devices over a network. Its 'Admin Console' utility allows you to remotely control erasure over LAN and access tamper-free certificates & reports.

The software is deployed by network and it comes with an Admin Console which is locally installed on a windows server. Afterwards, you can simply start the wipe.

Data wiping is the process where each sector in HDDs is overwritten by new data to ensure complete data wiping beyond recovery. This is done via. International standards like DoD and NIST that BitRaser supports.

Yes, you can boot the software via. DVD. Just make sure you have burnt the ISO properly in the DVD.

You can use Balena Etcher for preparing bootable USBs.

We will explain it to you. Logically these are 2 physical drives wherein one contains the actual data while the other one contains firmware information. The best way here to proceed is to select only the actual data drive and start the wipe. It will consume only 1 license. However, if you select both the options and start the wipe it will consume 2 licenses.

Some hardware architecture does not allow USB booting on the third party application. BitRaser provides Advance NO FLR and Safe Mode which bypasses the Normal boot. This option is applicable in all such cases when you are not able to boot directly from USB.

Unfortunately , ISO customization doesn’t allow you to select a drive bigger than a defined size. You can either select all drives or select no drives at all. In this case, the best way would be to manually select the drive needed to wipe.

Kindly disable the Secure Boot of the machine and then proceed to USB boot. Please ensure you boot via UEFI or Legacy boot mode only once the secure boot is disabled.

BitRaser licenses are not perpetual in nature, you have the freedom to purchase as many licenses as you need. There is no limitations to use these licenses within a certain period of time.

Yes, the cloud account is absolutely free of cost.

The application can’t be connected via Guest Wi-Fi as it requires unrestricted access.  

"BitLocker encryption are of the following three types:
1. Data level encryption
2. Volume level encryption
3. Drive level encryption
BitRaser can wipe data, volumes encrypted by Bitlocker. In drive level the access of the drive itself is blocked. So no application can access and perform complete wipe on the drive.
The only way to do so is to decrypt the hard drive and then perform eraser."

It means that if you purchase more licenses the less you pay.

It means National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) a US based firm tested and approved BitRaser for it's media wiping efficacy. You can check the report published on the website.

At the time of evaluation if you stuck somewhere in between you can reach out to us via. Email to [email protected] or you can reach us at +1-844-775-0101

BitRaser Drive Eraser specializes in SSD wiping. Our tool supports NIST Purge- 800 88 which supports Total Verification. The application also does Secure Eraser, Cryptographic Eraser, Block Erase, NVMe erase etc. on the supported drives. Once you perform the wipe you will have the report accordingly. You may ask for a sample report of SSD wiping using these above method from our sales team.

Unfortunately, evaluation is possible only via. cloud variant. As it is not feasible to send one license USB physically on the door step. However, you can order for USB variant after the evaluation of Cloud variant. Both the variants works same.

Yes, BitRaser can be used to wipe HPA, DCO and Remapped Sectors of the hard drives.

You can create as many as USB you want from ISO of BitRaser Drive Eraser.

Yes, you can start wiping on Machine 2 by plug out software USB when wiping process on machine 1 completed 1 %. You can start wiping session in parallel.

Yes, absolutely. Contact our sales team and you will get partner information as per your geographical region.

BitRaser Drive eraser is a product variant of BitRaser and BitRaser belongs to Stellar which is a Data recovery company. We are serving our customers since 28 years.

The password to access the application will be mentioned in the Product Box itself. Please check the box, if required you can connect with se

The cloud variant allows you to wipe the machine using internet. If you don't have any issue with internet availability at your premises then you will select Cloud variant whereas admin console is an Offline wiping software which does not requires internet. This variant is for bulk erasers over Network. It comes with a locally installed Admin Console. A standard server is required to push the software ISO to the client machines.

You can use Drive Eraser software that allows you to wipe Memory card beyond scope of recovery.

You can save it in 3 file formats XML, PDF and CSV.

No, BitRaser Drive Eraser is a platform independent tool that started working at the BIOS level. It can wipe the machine regardless of OS in it.

Yes, absolutely. The Cloud console allows you to create customized ISO as per your choice and you can perform the wipe using the same.

Please note that we have pay per drive usage policy with volume based pricing. You can purchase as many licenses as you want but one license is used to wipe one drive once.

Yes, why not. The cloud console allows you to store the licenses at one place and you can use them at different locations via. using the same console.

No, there is no difference in evaluation license and the licenses you purchase.

Yes, you can use even 1 license in case you want to erase your personal laptop/PC.

Connect the storage arrays to a server and wipe it through the appliction. The BitRaser USB is used to boot up the server.

NIST Purge 800-88 or BitRaser Secure & SSD Erasure is the recommended standard to wipe SSD.

NIST 800-88 Clear is the recommended standard to wipe HDD with 1 pass

NIST 800-88 Purge as it is capable of ATA command based erasure and is chosen globally. This will automatically switch between ATA based eraser, Cryptographic eraser , Block Eraser or 3 pass as per support of drive. This would be most ideal to ensure license is utilized effectively.

No, once the wiping process starts internet connection is only required when the process is complete so that the report can be upload to the Cloud Console.

No, one can create as many bootable USBs as they want to.

BitRaser Drive Eraser has 4 variants- USB(Cloud variant) , USB( Offline), Network (offline- Admin Console), Network ( Cloud)

Yes, we have specific variant for Mac with T2 chips

The T2 variant is an offline variant which is a plug and play solution.

We current do not support M1 however we will be providing support for it soon.

Yes, once the erasure starts you can plug the USB and plug on another system to boot BitRaser Drive Eraser

Yes, You can click on "report settings" to customize them.

Yes, once you customize the report it automatically customizes the certificate.

Once the data is wiped using BitRaser Drive Eraser it is wiped beyond the scope of recovery.

Yes, BitRaser Drive Eraser wipes the complete hard drive inclusive of the Free Spaces.

The data can be recovered when the hard disk is formatted.

Any number of passes work to wipe the drive beyond the scope of recovery.

It has a Pay-Per-Drive policy which means one license is required to wipe one drive.

One can upgrade the software by downloading the latest ISO from the cloud console.

BitRaser Drive Eraser works on its own Linux based OS and not on the system's OS.

We have a volume based pricing that means the more the number of licenses, the less will be the price per license

Your shipment will reach to you in 2-3 business days.

You can wipe as many times as you need.There is no effect on the drive no matter how many times you wipe it.

We have our monthly newsletter which includes all our updates for products

Yes, absolutely. BItRaser provides secure data wiping with hardware diagnostics and audit trails to be successfully compliant with R2.

In order for the application to access the drive, please disable the protection of locker and then proceed with wiping.

Yes, the application can securely wipe BitLokcer encrypted data from the drives.

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