Wipe Hard Drives, Computers, & Phones.

BitRaser offers you a DIY utility for wiping data across all types of computing devices, enabling comprehensive protection of data privacy.

Erase Drives, Computers & Files Easily

BitRaser Drive Eraser provides you a simple, plug-and-play solution for wiping a complete hard drive or computer. The tool can start wiping complete data securely from hard drives, Windows® PC, and Mac® in less than 10 minutes. BitRaser File Eraser on the other hand lets you wipe specific files or folders from hard drive and computer.You can also erase internet history, cache , cookies etc. to ensure your browsing privacy is maintained. What’s more, you get to schedule erasure tasks at regular intervals of your choice.

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Erase Data From iOS & Android Devices

BitRaser Mobile Eraser & Diagnostics tool brings you a simple and effortless utility for wiping iOS & Android devices. All you need to do is, install the software on the computer, get started in less than 20 min, connect your mobile device and erase it. A 10 license pack of mobile eraser tool helps suffice to wipe data from your old mobile devices and secure privacy. You have the option to buy additional licenses if need be. 

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Get Peace Of Mind By Securely Wiping Data

BitRaser uses globally trusted technology for permanent wiping of data from PCs, laptops, Mac & mobile devices, thereby guaranteeing that your personal data, once wiped, cannot be retrieved by using any tool or lab service. The software offers you total peace of mind by providing an erasure certificate; guaranteeing 100% data erasure.

Safeguards Data Privacy Across All Devices

BitRaser brings you options to wipe different types of media and data, as follows:

  • Sanitizes laptop, desktop, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android devices
  •  Erases drives or partitions without harming applications & OS files
  • Permanently wipes Internet browser history, application traces, saved cookies, & other sensitive files

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Generates Proof of Wiping for Assurance

The software offers you total peace of mind in several ways, as follows:

  • Generates certificates & reports of erasure, guaranteeing that the wiped data cannot be retrieved by any means
  • Helps in keeping track of data privacy status across multiple drives and devices, ensuring long-term viability

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Safeguard Your Data in Vast Scenarios

BitRaser protects your data from breach and misuse in a vast number of scenarios such as,

  • Exchanging a mobile phone or laptop after doing a factory reset
  • Selling off a used mobile or laptop to a refurbishing shop
  • Handing over a smartphone or computer for repair or upgrade
  • Sharing your personal computer with someone
  • Returning a leased laptop or computer after the project is over
  • Donating your device to charity


BitRaser® : Tested, Certified and Compliant



Along with erasing sensitive data, BitRaser can also wipe malware that affects your system performance and jeopardize the data.

BitRaser Drive Eraser can wipe an entire storage drive including an operating system along with unused and hidden locations. Thus, it removes all kinds of malicious apps or files from the system, preparing it for fresh and safe use.


Put File Erasure on Autopilot

BitRaser File Eraser software lets you schedule erasure tasks at regular intervals, ensuring that your device is always getting rid of unwanted files that carry sensitive information.

It serves your daily media sanitization needs by erasing confidential information such as browsing history, saved passwords, Internet cookies, and more. You get to prevent others from getting into your privacy.