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The market for used mobile devices is quickly gaining eminence and opening up new avenues for mobile resellers, retailers, repair shops and refurbishers. Read this blog to learn how Mobile Diagnostics is transforming the used device industry, and discover the right phone diagnostics solution for iOS and android devices that can help you maximize returns, increase operational efficiency, and save cost.

Gone are the days when the purchase and sale of used mobile devices were mainly a peer-to-peer exchange on a handful of online marketplaces. The second-hand mobile device industry has now become a multi-billion global industry fueled by new technological advancements like 5G and the growth of sleek, fast, and powerful smartphone releases, especially by the flagships of Apple and Samsung. Strikingly yet, this has not led to the growth of new smartphone sales but that of the refurbished mobile devices, owing to the increased prices of the latest flagship products that are pushing consumers toward low-cost, fully functional second-hand devices. These used alternatives are traded-in, due to device upgrades, by the existing owner that are reliable and offer valuable features.

According to a global market intelligence firm, IDC, worldwide industry value for refurbished phones is expected to grow up to $65 billion by 2024. Another market research firm, Persistence Market Research, expects turnover in the mobile market to leap from the $49.4 billion recorded in 2020 to $143.8 billion in 2031. Taking cue of this trend, smartphone giants like Apple and Samsung have started to tap the potential of selling second-hand devices. Also, major online shopping heavyweights like Amazon are listing the used and refurbished device for sale on their portals to grab a slice of the fastest-growing pie in the mobile device industry. Evidently, a silent revolution is taking place in the global used device industry, and phone diagnostics software is fueling it by offering new ways to add trust and reliability to the used devices.

Mobile Diagnostics: Raising the Game Up a Notch

Mobile diagnostics software determines accurately the overall performance and functionality of the smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices. The iOS and Android diagnostics software performs series of tests to diagnose and determine the device health. A reliable and tested tool generally would also provide a report of detailed diagnosis of iOS and Android devices including tablets that can help the buyer of old device to assess the functionality.

BitRaser is one such reliable mobile diagnostics and erasure tool that is used by leading mobile retailers and processors worldwide to meet their bulk Android and iOS diagnostics needs. Automated tests gives insight into the device’s sensors, battery, call dialer, internal memory, processor, RAM, SIM card, USB, etc. Manual tests on the other hand check for Bluetooth, carrier signal, earpiece, front and rear camera, fingerprint sensor, flashlight, GPS, loudspeaker, microphone, touchscreen, NFC, screen damage, Wi-Fi, etc. The software combines the results of both automated and manual test perfomed on either Android or iOS devices into a single diagnostic report that helps buyers assess both hardware and software functionality of the device.

Here Are Some Other Key Advantages of The Mobile (Android & iOS) Diagnostics Tests:

  • Mobile diagnostics ascertain the major flaws in the mobile devices affecting their smooth functioning. Resellers and refurbishers can then fix the key problem areas and charge a better price for the device in the secondary market.
  • Automated tests help speed up mobile diagnostics and enable mobile processors to eliminate manual errors, thereby increasing productivity and reducing cost.
  • Diagnostics reports help grade the used devices in terms of functionality, performance, and quality on the scales of A+, A, B, and C. This removes the possible barriers to purchasing second-hand devices as customers are assured of the device quality before they make the purchasing decision.
  • With the help of diagnostics tests, repair shops can arrive at precise estimation of repair needed and instantly inform the device’s actual state to their customers.
  • Mobile diagnostics for iOS and Android is an environment-friendly solution to decrease carbon footprint by improving the lifespan of used devices. Discarded devices add tons of plastic and heavy metals used in their circuit boards.

BitRaser Mobile Helps Build Trust Between Buyers & Sellers

Mobile diagnostics is transforming the already booming used device industry with improved quality, enhanced compliance, and added trust. The largely unorganized global refurbished and used devices market indicates a massive opportunity for mobile retailers, resellers, and repair shops. Given the benefits of Android and iOS mobile diagnostics, it is crucial to choose the right diagnostics software that can help you maximize the potential of diagnostics and boost your sales.

While some of the modern smartphones already have built-in diagnostics tool for assessing the device health, however, they are very limited in their scope. For example, Samsung has the built-in diagnostic capability, however the tests are very limited and do not check the device health completely. Also, there is no report available to verify the functionality. To run diagnostics on Samsung phone dial *#0*# and tap on the different functions to run tests.  IPhone unfortunately does not have any built in utility to tests the device health except that you can examine battery health.

BitRaser Mobile Diagnostics is an ideal solution that offers a comprehensive range of 40+ automated and assisted tests to check every aspect of a iOS and Android functionality, including hardware tests, connectivity issues, screen tests, mobile grading, sound and sensor tests, etc. It offers a seamless user experience with a single, unified interface for diagnostics. Resellers and refurbishers can effortlessly scale up their diagnostics process as the software allows simultaneous diagnostics of up to 40 devices. Users can easily preconfigure custom tests on multiple devices and save time & cost. In addition, the software automatically generates diagnostics reports with complete details about the device, its health, and functionality. These reports can be accessed from anywhere through the secure cloud repository, act as audit trails for compliance needs and boost customer trust. Mobile retailers, resellers and refurbishers, in the second-hand industry can increase productivity, maximize efficiency, reduce cost, and gain customer trust with BitRaser.

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