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Accurate mobile device diagnostic tests is what refurbishers and retailers need to get optimal resale value for each mobile device traded. This blog suggests the key benefits of plug-and-play mobile diagnostics software to assess the health and functionality of used mobile devices before they are sold in the second-hand market.

Largely fueled by rising consumer preference, there is a sharp surge observed in the demand for used mobile devices with over 6.6 billion active smartphones in circulation. On the other hand, International Data Corporation (IDC) estimates used smartphone shipments will touch about 351.6 million units by 2024. Driven by consumer demand for used devices and economic slowdown, the secondary device market exhibit a promising future. Refurbishers and retailers must strengthen their ability to assess the used device functionality in order to deliver high quality devices to the customers.

Mobile retailers can get a better resale price from customers if the used smartphones are tested and graded using professional mobile diagnostics software that provides a detailed diagnostics report specifying the functionality of each and every part of the devices on sale. Smartphones, tablets, iPad, phablets, or digital notebooks have a better resale value if they have been tested for their performance and core functionality. Accurate diagnostics play a key role in identifying the possible flaws and getting the same fixed before reselling the device in the secondary market.

BitRaser Mobile Eraser and Diagnostics with it’s fluid user interface helps retailers easily diagnose up to 40 mobile devices simultaneously, testing different components of the devices. The software performs a series of 40+ automated and assisted tests like battery, camera, Bluetooth, sensors, RAM, GPS, microphone, etc.

Here are the top benefits of Mobile Diagnostics software:

Accurate Diagnostics

Automatic and assisted diagnostics tests check all the components of the mobile devices including battery, camera, internal memory, microphone, GPS, sensors, Bluetooth, RAM, SIM card, etc. As a result, it gives you the real picture of the working condition of a device. It can further inform you about the battery life, network latency, call interruptions, front or regular camera quality, touch screen sensitivity, and the likes.

Automated and Customizable Solution

The mobile solution offered by BitRaser allows you to not just automate the diagnostics process but also customize the tests according to your requirements based on mobile devices. The automated tests help you to quickly process multiple devices and ascertain the grade of the smartphones without subjecting the energy of your workers in manual testing that may be prone to errors. Automated diagnostics thus help retailers save their time and cost in processing each used mobile device.

Helps Increase Resale Value

Most smartphones and mobile devices have buy-back or trade-in options. Using reliable mobile diagnostics software, sellers can grade the used phones in terms of their health, performance, and quality that becomes a deciding factor in fixing the price of the mobile device. The phones are generally graded on the scales of A+, A, B, and C. The devices with high-grade ratings are sold at a premium price and fetch good resale value in the secondary market.

Gain Customer Trust

BitRaser generates a detailed diagnostics test report that is automatically saved on the cloud and is also maintained in the reports repository. Such reports help in gaining customer trust by giving assurance that the device is accurately tested by a proficient tool.

Easy to Use

BitRaser Mobile Diagnostics is easy to install on Windows, Mac, and bare bone hardware. The software offers an intuitive GUI that is easy to use and performs the entire diagnostics process in not more than 15-20 minutes. There is a deployment and user guide available as an easy reckoner to understand the software.

The Bottom Line

With high quality refurbished and used mobile devices available in the market, people are now preferring to buy these used devices. The advent of quality diagnostics and precise mobile tests are transforming the used device industry. Popular phone manufacturers release yearly updates to their smartphones, however, the increase in price does not match the upgrade gap that has led to new streams of opportunities for mobile processors and retailers in the second-hand market. According to Persistence Market Research analysis, the global refurbished and used mobile phones market is estimated to be valued at $143.8 billion by 2031. Mobile traders can thus use a reliable diagnostics tool like BitRaser for testing the device performance, gaining customer trust, and increasing the resale value of these devices.

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