BitRaser® FAQs

The application allows you to wipe over 65000 drives simultaneously over a network.

Yes, We use MYSQL in backend to manage the database for users, reports & certificates.

Absolutely, you will be able to monitor the progress from both ends.

No, it won’t. Once the process is started, even if the network connection is not working, erasure process will continue to complete. You can import the reports in admin console later as required.

The minimum requirements are: OS: Windows Server 2016, 2012, 2008 R2, x86 or x64 RAM: Minimum 4 GB, Recommended 8 GB USB PORT: 2.0 / 3.0

Yes, the application does requires Active Directory Service.

BItRaser Drive Eraser with Admin Console requires Windows Server 2016 or 2019. There are additional services which are implemented by our deployment team for network boot. You would also need a network setup to perform wiping over the network.

No, You do not need internet connection for wiping machines. All your reports and licenses are managed in local admin console.

Yes, You can save the reports in PDF, CSV & XML.

Yes, Our drive erasure product supports all types of drives for wiping.

No, our license do not have a time limit for expiry. Unless license is consumed, the license will always be available.

BitRaser Drive Eraser with Admin Console is a software for performing bulk erasure over the network whereas BitRaser Drive Eraser is a USB/Cloud based application to perform standalone wiping of devices.

Our application is scalable to erase up to 65,000 hard drives simultaneously via PXE boot.

Yes, the application does creates a local central repository of Report & Certificates on MySQL database.

BitRaser Drive Eraser with Admin Console supports 24 International erasure standards including NIST 800-88 and DOD 5220.22.

The reports can be saved in PDF, CSV and XML format.

The admin console provides centralized dashboard locally for managing users, monitoring erasure and provide repository of reports & certificates that can be pulled at a later stage. The admin console can be integrated with third party ERP applications.

The server needs to be connected via an unmanaged switch for a smooth wiping process.

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