Most Popular FAQs

The amount of time taken for data erasure will depend on the number of passes and number of bad sectors present on the hard drive.
Anyone can use BitRaser who wants to completely erase data with no scope of recovery. BitRaser is used by the leading computer recyclers, defense organizations, OEMs, IT Service companies and many corporate users. Various organizations can use it if they want to donate their systems to an NGO, reselling their computer systems and for preventing e-waste.
Stellar Data Recovery is the leading brand of data erasure with having +2 decades years of experience, 2 million+ customer, global presence across 190 countries and reputed clients. Stellar has also received many awards on an international basis that delights us on being a highly certified and secured data erasure software vendor.
No, not at all. BitRaser is independent of an operating system to be installed on a system.
Yes, BitRaser comes in a form Bootable USB drive that is utilized by the leading enterprises globally because it is easy to use, reliable and scalable.
For Server/Network Edition Operating System:
  • Windows Server 2008 R2
For Enterprise Edition Hardware Requirements:
  • RAM: Minimum 1 GB, recommended 2 GB
  • x86 or x64 Processor
  • USB PORT 2.0 / 3.0, with an option in the BIOS to boot computer from USB device
A certificate will be generated to give a proof that a secure erasure has taken place and no one can tamper with the certificate.
Yes, BitRaser provides training on data erasure that is customized according to the need of the customer. No, any certification will not be given after training on data erasure. In terms of pricing, we offer erasure on the number of counters (hard drives)
Yes, BitRaser can be deployed to any X86 architecture machine via WAN.
BitRaser supports a list of hardware that can be found within our range of compatibility. However, other HDD’s of Mainframe are not wholly tested due to custom specifications.
The erasure process will depend on the environment that you are erasing hard drives, security concerns and availability of power socket. Other factors include the type of equipment you are looking to erase.
BitRaser feels delighted on working with the highest certified and trained IT Asset Disposals around the globe. Yes, we are able to provide erasure service apart from providing the software.
No, not at all. As BitRaser uses 24 special algorithms, each and every bit of data is removed with no-scope of recovery.
No, We do not offer a product comparison to our competitors, although we have a product features comparison chart


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