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The BitRaser MSP Partner Program empowers IT Managed Service Providers to effortlessly incorporate data erasure services into their offerings, expanding their portfolio and delivering additional value to their customers. MSPs can assist their customers in mitigating the risk of data leakage by securely erasing data and ensuring compliance with relevant laws and regulations such as CCPA, HIPAA, SOX, and ISO 27001.

Our data erasure software for Drive, File and Mobile Erasure helps MSP offer a fast, and scalable data wiping service to their end customer. The software lineup can streamline the MSP data wiping capabilities across all types of storage media, including hard drives, SSD, PC, laptop, Mac, Servers, and iOS & Android devices.

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Our MSP Partner Program Delivers Numerous Benefits

Expand Your Portfolio

Becoming an MSP Partner with BitRaser allows MSPs to offer data erasure as a service, enriching their portfolio. This expansion attracts new clients seeking comprehensive data security solutions while strengthening relationships with existing ones. By adding data erasure services, MSPs differentiate themselves, increase revenue, and position as trusted data security advisors

Special MSP Pricing

Gain exclusive access to discounted pricing as an MSP partner with BitRaser. Purchase licenses at a special price to offer Erasure as a service to your clients. With the special pricing structure, MSPs can maximize margins and remain competitive in the market. Further, BitRaser's pay-per-use model ensures licenses never expire until utilized, providing flexibility for MSPs to use them as needed.

Comprehensive Training

BitRaser offers comprehensive training sessions to MSP technicians to ensure they can effectively utilize the software to provide data erasure services to their clients. These training sessions cover all aspects of BitRaser, including best practices, troubleshooting, and advanced features. MSP can opt for ‘Paid trainings’ for their technicians that gives them ‘BitRaser Trained Professional Certification’. This certification could be essential for securing government data erasure project bids, enhancing MSPs' credibility.

Effortless Data Erasure Software

BitRaser's secure data erasure software enables MSPs to initiate wiping on up to 100 drives within no time. The software brings scalability through PXE boot & supports simultaneous wiping of over 65,000 drives. As part of our Partner Program, you'll receive access to experience all solutions - plug-and-play USB boot solution, PXE and Remote Wiping solution for drive erasure, accompanied by user-friendly manual for seamless operation. You can choose any variant to provide services to your clients.

Access Marketing Collaterals

MSP partners gain access to a range of marketing resources, including factsheets, product videos, how-to guides, and manuals, facilitating the promotion of data erasure services with BitRaser to their clients.  We customize the factsheets for our MSP partners with their name, address and website URL if there is a need.

Get Listed on BitRaser Partner Section

By becoming our valuable MSP Partner, you get listed in the partner section of our website. B2B Customers can look out for you in the region and approach you. This way you get business lead from us that can convert to revenue. Also, your customers gain trust that you are BitRaser Authorized MSP Partner.

Free Product Updates

MSP partners receive free access to all product updates and enhancements released by BitRaser, ensuring they always have access to the latest features and capabilities to better serve their clients. Through Emailers and Newsletter MSPs are informed all the time of the new product and version updates.

Free Technical Support

BitRaser provides free technical support to MSP partners, offering assistance from our experts. Whether it's technical guidance, troubleshooting, or implementation support, our dedicated support team is here to help MSPs deliver exceptional service to their clients.


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