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BitRaser is a cutting-edge media sanitization technology from Stellar®, guaranteeing “permanent erasure” of data from a wide-range of storage drives & devices. It enables high-performance wiping of computer hard drives, removable storage media, servers & mobile devices, securing data privacy across the device lifecycle. Through failsafe media wiping & traceable reporting, BitRaser serves as the ideal risk mitigation tool.


When Do You Need Data Erasure?

Reselling IT Assets or Personal Devices

Selling off used computer, hard drive, or mobile phone can compromise your data privacy through leakage of ‘residual data’ i.e. data that remains on a device after permanent deletion, formatting or factory reset, and can be extracted using publicly available tools.

Modern data erasure technology can safeguard you from threats of residual data through secure wiping of hard drives, SSDs, computers, server storage, and mobile devices.

Disposing End-of-Life IT Assets

Disposal of an old IT asset through physical destruction methods might pose certain innate threats to data privacy or do not guarantee 100% safe media sanitization. For instance, shredding can pose threat of data leakage while the media is ‘in-transit’ to the shredding facility. Likewise, degaussing cannot sanitize flash storage, and, as per NIST SP 800-88 Guideline, it might not effectively sanitize emerging magnetic storage media.

Data erasure technology can neutralize all the data threats on end-of-life devices by overwriting the media.

Returning Leased IT Assets

Taking computers & data storage hardware on lease can put your data at risk of leakage when you return the device after usage. Temporary allocation of a device in situations like remote workplace set up can result in exposure of sensitive data due to relaxed IT policies & monitoring. Similarly, returning of a leased device without proper media sanitization can expose sensitive data that remains on the media even after formatting or factory reset.

Data erasure technology can wipe clean the leased IT assets using global standards, thus guaranteeing data privacy.

Inventorying Unused or Legacy IT Hardware

Storing unused or old computers, hard drives and servers in a warehouse for long duration can result in data breach through potential misappropriation. This risk probability grows with time and size of the inventoried hardware, in addition to consumption of logistic and human resources.

Drive erasure technology can provide a safe and cost-effective media sanitization solution here. It can wipe the legacy IT hardware before inventorying to eliminate the data threats.

Using Computer and Internet Frequently

Routine usage of computers results in accumulation of sensitive data such as Internet browsing history, saved passwords in the browser, personal information, and application traces, etc. You may also have other PII stored on your system such as photos, videos, income tax records, social security number etc.

This personal data is at risk of exposure even after permanent deletion of cookies and other files, and can be exploited in numerous ways. Likewise, sensitive business data such as BI reports, trade secrets, financial records, PHI records, etc. stored on an ‘in use’ workstation is at constant risk of breach from confidentiality & privacy aspects. Specialized file erasure technology can wipe all such sensitive but unnecessary files to secure personal and business data.

On-Premise Media Wiping Without Expert Help

As an organization you may already be aware of the need for data privacy and the different ways to secure it. In that case, it’s important to know that sanitizaton methods such as shredding, degaussing or pulverization pose logistic and financial constraints. Also, these methods require specialized equipment and technical capability for implementation. .

Data erasure technology, implemented on-premises with our software tool, can equip your IT asset management team with a self-service capability for effortless wiping and sanitization of storage media.


Why Choose Data Erasure?

Data erasure technology can enable the most-trusted and secure solution for sanitization of data bearing devices. It performs data overwriting based on rigorously tested standards such as NIST and DoD, guaranteeing complete destruction of data with no chances of recoverability. Data erasure technique is implemented through software programs, allowing automated reporting of tasks, which serve as systematic proofs for audits and regulatory compliance. Also, data erasure results in zero e-waste generation as compared to degaussing and shredding that render the media unusable and generate e-waste. Further, data erasure allows device owners to reuse the device or monetize its residual value.

Comprehensive range of data erasure software to meet your needs

BitRaser Drive Eraser

Erase multiple hard drives anywhere using bootable USB media

Learn More

BitRaser Drive Eraser With Admin Console

Erase up to 65000 hard drives and devices over a local network

Learn More

BitRaser Mobile Eraser & Diagnostics

Simultaneously wipe or diagnose up to 40 Android & iOS devices

Learn More

BitRaser File Eraser

Erase sensitive files, web browsing history, app traces & more

Learn More


Software With Excellent Capabilities

product feature

Secure Erasure

Securely erases sensitive data from HDDs & SSDs across desktop/laptop PCs and servers, and mobile devices beyond recovery, at end-of-lifecycle of devices.

product feature

Cloud Integration

Provides flexibility to create users, manage license distribution & maintain central repository of reports & certificates.

product feature


Supports extensive list of 24 International erasure standards including NIST, DoD 3 or 7 Passes, HMG, etc.
View Standards

product feature

Reports For Audit Trails

Generates erasure reports for audit trails with option to customize and save report in various formats like PDF, XML.
View Report

product feature

Certified Erasure

Generates 100% tamper proof erasure certificate that ensures compliance with EU-GDPR, SOX, GLBA, HIPAA & other international data protection regulations.

product feature


Automates erasure process across IT assets with ability to customize erasure process as per international erasing standards.

product feature


Accurate diagnosis of the health status of mobiles & hard drives to ascertain their functional status, maximizing resale value.

product feature


Erases multiple devices or drives over a local area network with centralized console to manage & monitor erasure process & maintain reports.

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