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In this blog, we will discuss the need to automate and schedule erasure tasks to ensure that you don’t amass sensitive and worthless data, posing compliance and data privacy challenges.

Organizations are creating zettabytes (trillions of gigabytes) of data. According to a recent report by Tech Jury, in 2020 alone, businesses worldwide have generated a whopping 40 zettabytes of data. It means, everyday about .0025 zettabytes of data is used to stimulate business decisions. An IDC report projected that this enormous amount of data will inflate to 175 zettabytes by 2025.

A Peak Into the World of Excessive Files

The most data-intensive industries are insurance, finance, healthcare, real estate, business consulting, and federal agencies. They generate an astounding amount of hyper-sensitive data every day. Insurance companies form and manage documents of policy application, contracts, customer proofs, policy holder agreements, claim forms, PIP, and HCFA forms, etc. Trivial ignorance can cause major loss of time, productivity, and loyal customers. Even federal agencies at every single level have heaps of data procured from innumerable departments. There are explicit guidelines, regulations, and provisions to safely manage government data. Documents and files upheld by government bodies must be in strict compliance with desired security measures to ensure zero possibility of data breach.

All these organizations cannot afford to lose data or preserve old files incessantly. About 90 percent of companies take the risk of maintaining a data bank or unstructured space with massive information stored in it.

Data Disposition is The Need of the Hour

Secure data destruction of this ever-growing data on regular intervals is crucial for organization to protect sensitive information of company and customer records. Global data protection legislation lay down data destruction requirements and failure to comply with these can amount to severe penalties and loss of customer trust built over years.  Data wiping by overwriting data beyond recovery is the safest bet to destruct data that is no longer needed.  For instance, once a project is over, the files or documents comprising confidential information should be erased securely over a period of time. Holding them beyond that is an open invitation to data theft leading to compliance issues.

There are some key tactical actions that organizations must undertake to facilitate data protection- like updating (or creating) a data inventory, specifying the nature of data, storage device, and ensuring responsibility for maintaining periodic scheduling of data erasure.

Automate Data Wiping Seamlessly with BitRaser File Eraser

Automated Erasure is a powerful way for changing the fate of files that are no longer needed. Periodic scheduling for secure automated erasure can help in maintaining data privacy, a vital necessity to meet compliance. Data Wiping at Regular intervals helps not only maintain hygiene but also is the need of the hour given the stringent and emerging data protection regulations.

A proficient file eraser software like BitRaser helps in automating & scheduling daily / weekly /monthly file and folder eraser, mitigating the risks of business document management (BDM). With BitRaser File Eraser software, you can schedule your wiping tasks at regular intervals, at particular date and time without having to manually perform them. For instance, you can easily initiate an erasure activity for every Sunday at 10:00 AM to delete permanently a particular .xls or .doc file that are older than a week. Similarly, a data controller may demand data of files and folders to be erased on project completion and handover records of erasure from all machines that were deployed on a particular project. Scheduling such tasks help in managing the process efficiently.

Also, an easy-to-install tool helps you deal with daily internet activities, application traces, system traces along with files and folders etc. As a result, chances of leakage remain negligible. By embracing an automated solution like BitRaser File Eraser, organizations can safely erase traces of sensitive information from their PC, Laptops or Mac. The tool overwrites the files beyond recovery with a certificate of proof of data wiping.

Ensure Compliance and Meet Privacy Obligations

To manage data in a compliant way, organizations need to follow a data disposition policy. Employees must be sensitized about what is expected out of them throughout the data lifecycle, right from the point of file creation, usage, management, sharing, and eventually disposing.

To stay out of any vulnerability and be safe, choosing a reliable file eraser software becomes vital so long as you do not wish to erase the operating system and existing applications. BitRaser File Eraser allows for seamless and selective erasure of files and folders by executing erasure tasks in live environment and without the need for any downtime of the device. Scheduling erasure tasks save both cost and time for businesses by freeing both space and data liability. Detailed erasure reports and certificates produced after every erasure task act as proof of erasure process and comes handy as audit trails for enterprises, ITADs, service providers and even government entities.

You may Click here to learn about step-by-step instructions on “how to wipe files, folders & volumes” using BitRaser File Eraser software.

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