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Data Privacy

How SEC Ensures That Your Personal Financial Information Stays Protected?

Summary: Since 85 years, the Securities and Exchange Commission - SEC has been at the forefront of protecting the American economy and customers. Their stance on pr...

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How Data Privacy Concerns In Automotive Industry Are Paving Way For Data Destruction?

Summary: The automobile industry is rapidly changing customer experience with autonomous features like built-in navigation systems, sync-in with mobile devices, car...

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What is Data Remanence & How to Prevent the Associated Risks?

Summary: Chances are you probably have leftover data that your current wiping methods are incapable of erasing or can easily be recovered with a free DIY tool. Thes...

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Sephora’s CCPA violation Leads to a Fine of $1.2 Million

Summary: The recent California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) violation that led to a $1.2 Million fine on Sephora was a landmark decision for businesses. It clearly s...

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You Are Responsible For Data Privacy & Protection Obligation

Compliance Obligation & Penalties SOX,HIPAA, GLBA, JP/PA, EU-DPA, IS027001, IT-Act, PCi-DSS, /SAE3402-3416. Whether...

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