BitRaser – Certified Data Erasure Software

Erases Data Completely with 100% tamper proof audit trails

Data in Organizations rests in various storage media across different departments. If the storage media has left the control of the organization or has been reallocated within the organization, it is a legal obligation of the organization to ensure that data on the storage media is effectively erased in a secure manner using a professional erasure tool- BitRaser. This certified data erasure software permanently removes data beyond the scope of data recovery with the help of 27 international erasure standards. This way the storage media is fully sanitized and available for reuse.

BitRaser can be used to erase data on standalone devices, Multiple HDDs in storage rack or over a network. BitRaser gives flexibility in deployment and can be used in hassle free way by enterprises, ITAD companies, Recyclers, Refurbishes and more for meeting information security and regulatory compliance obligations.


BitRaser Capabilities

BitRaser, the powerful data erasure software from Stellar Data Recovery helps you maintain privacy and safeguards your confidentiality. BitRaser serves your need for a managed & certified data erasure solution which is capable of:

BitRaser Benefits

  • Secure & certified data erasure software
  • Helps meet regulatory & statutory compliances obligations
  • Best cost effective data erasure tool
  • Efficient, saves time and resources
  • Helps in easy retrieval of historical erasure records
  • Helps you mitigate risk of data breach

BitRaser Variants

Erase 32 Drives simultaneously


Is a software to permanently erase data from drives beyond the scope of data recovery. It can perform high speed simultaneous erasure of 32 drives and provides detailed audit trails.


BitRaser Enterprise Edition
Erase 65000 Drives over a network

BitRaser Enterprise Edition

Software to perform high speed bulk data erasure over a network. You can erase up to 65,000 drives and get detailed erasure reports & certificates for fulfilling internal & external audit requirements.


BitRaser for Mobile
Erase iOS and Android devices easily

BitRaser for Mobile

BitRaser for Mobile is a privacy safeguarding software. It is an effective & efficient solution to permanently erase all data from your mobile devices such as smartphone and tablets running on iOS & Android.


BitRaser is a solution from Stellar Data Recovery


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BitRaser – Certified Data Erasure