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Case Study

BitRaser Helps an Italian Consulting Firm to Deliver Secure, Cost-Effective, and Globally Compliant Data Erasure Service


Bit Informatica is an Italian consulting company that specializes in the design of solutions and services in the Information & Communication Technology. The tech company offers system integration services for assisting clients in developing a business strategy to analyze IT environment, evaluate possibilities and build innovative solutions.

Business Need

Bit Informatica Srl had the following needs:

1. Cost Effective Data Wiping Solution That Performs Permanent Data Erasure

Bit Informatica required a data wiping solution that could wipe HDD, SSD and other storage in PCs and Laptops in a cost effective way without compromising on data privacy and security.

2. Detailed Erasure Reports For Every Wiping Performed

The company desired the data erasure software to generate wiping reports for every device wiped. This would help them meet their customer compliance requirements with data protection and privacy regulations.


The Bit Informatica team chose BitRaser Drive Eraser for wiping data securely from hard drives and SSDs. They were highly impressed with the single unified solution for any kind of drives unlike other available tools. The overall experience with the software wiping efficacy and functionality was great. The digitally signed certificate and reports for the erased devices met the company’s requirement. The automatic upload of these reports on the secure cloud sever was an added advantage.


BitRaser team understood the client's requirements and advised them for an optimal, certified and NIST compliant data erasure solution that was best suited for secure and permanent wiping of all kind of drives. The team gathered real-time inputs from Bit Informatica followed by a live software demo and walkthrough.


Bit Informatica derived the following benefits from BitRaser Software:

1. Certified, Compliant & Cost Effective Data Erasure:

BitRaser Drive Eraser helped Bit Informatica securely and permanently wipe hard drives and SSDs in the most cost effective way. The software capability to wipe in accordance with globally recognized data erasure algorithms including NIST 800-88 Purge and DoD 3 & 7 Passes helped the client attain compliance with global data protection norms.

2. Reports & Certificates For Audit Trails:

The software generated 100% tamper-proof reports and certificates to guarantee secure wiping beyond scope of recovery. These reports act as audit trails that support clients need for compliance.

3. Central Cloud Repository For Managing Reports:

The Cloud Console offered dashboard for reports repository giving ease of usage. The client can now centrally access, manage and distribute erasure records.

4. Responsive & Friendly Customer Support:

Bit Informatica team found technical support as very kind and responsive to their requests. The client was offered a premium 24x5 customer support through Phone, Live Chat and Email free of cost.

Feb, 2022

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"Our overall experience with BitRaser has been great. The technical support team is very kind and responsive to our request. The product works flawlessly and as expected."

Martina Boschetti

Business Need
  • Cost Effective Data Wiping Solution
  • Comprehensive Reporting For Every Device Wiped

BitRaser Drive Eraser
  • Certified & Cost Effective Data Erasure Solution
  • Reports & Certificates For Audit Trails
  • Central Cloud Repository for Managing Reports
  • Responsive & Friendly Customer Support
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