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Case Study

A Global Construction Firm Attains Compliance By Using BitRaser For Their Data Erasure Requirements

L&T Construction, a division of Larsen & Toubro, is ranked amongst the world’s top 15 contractors for technology, engineering, construction, manufacturing and infrastructure. The business has unmatched global expertise and encompasses buildings & factories, transport infrastructure, heavy civil infrastructure, water & renewable energy and power transmission & distribution.

Business Need

L&T Construction approached BitRaser with the following needs:

1. Certified and Competent Data Wiping Solution That Guarantees Permanent Data Erasure

L&T Construction required a data wiping solution that is certified for its data wiping efficacy. It wanted the software to perform permanent wiping on hard drives, SSDs, and other storage devices across PCs and Laptops without any scope of recovery.

2. Auditable Reports and Certificates For Compliance Purposes

The company needed records of erasure in the form of auditable reports with structured and detailed information about the drives erased with method and verification process as defined by global standards.



The company selected BitRaser Drive Eraser as an ideal solution for its drive wiping needs. The team at L&T was impressed with the software’s intuitiveness, ease of usage and the speed of erasure. The auditors found the reports highly meaningful for ensuring compliance with data protection laws and regulations. The overall experience with data wiping, software functionality, and cloud repository was reported as ‘Satisfactory’.


After understanding the core requirement of L&T Construction for a certified and secure data erasure solution and need for auditable reports, the BitRaser team offered them Drive Eraser, an optimal solution with cloud functionality for reports and user management. A live software demo was given by BitRaser team to the client to present the functionality of the software.


L&T Constructions derived the following benefits from BitRaser:

1. Secure and Certified Data Erasure:

BitRaser Drive Eraser helped the company wipe their hard drives including high capacity drives along with SSDs securely and permanently without leaving any traces behind to ensure compliance with global data protection regulations.

2. Mitigate Risks Through Audit Trails:

Detailed tamper-proof reports and certificates of destruction generated by the software helped the company meet its audit and compliance requirements. These verifiable audit trails were appreciated by the auditors for recording the detailed erasure information.

3. Centralized Repository of Reports on Cloud:

L&T Construction IT team was able to access reports of devices wiped across the company on a centralized BitRaser cloud console. The dashboard also allowed the team to seamlessly manage users and their license requirements.

MARCH, 2022

“Overall performance of the software is impressive. We chose BitRaser, the market leader, basis its media wiping efficacy. Our auditors really appreciated the process of erasing data after going through the report generated by the software.”

Ajayadas YM , Manager- IT

  • L&T Construction

Business Need
    • Certified Data Wiping Solution
    • Auditable Reports and Certificates

BitRaser Drive Eraser
    • 100% Secure Data Erasure
    • Mitigate Risks Through Audit Trails
    • Central Cloud Console For 24x7 Easy Access
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