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Case Study

Norwegian IT Consulting Firm Uses BitRaser for Attaining GDPR Compliance

iteam is one of Norway's fastest growing IT companies delivering secure and smart IT solutions for modern workplaces with over 30 branches from Svalbard in the north to Kristiansand in the south. As an IT solutions provider, the company offers a range of services from security, network, cloud, servers and hosting along with refurbishing services to their customers.

Business Need

iteam had the following needs:

1. Cost-Effective Data Erasure Relative To Competition

The company was using a prominent data wiping solution which exceeded their budgets in comparison to the features offered by them. They needed a cost-effective reliable solution that was tested and certified for its wiping capabilities.

2. Central Cloud Console For User, License, & Reports Management

The IT consulting firm faced challenges with its existing solution and it's complex cloud console. It required a data erasure solution that provided a seamless and intuitive console for managing all its requirements of automation, user and report management functions.


On carefully assessing BitRaser Drive Eraser features, iteam tech team found the software outperform their existing data wiping solution. In fact, BitRaser proved out to be a cost-effective solution that was faster in speed, & more efficient in wiping with a highly intuitive cloud console. BitRaser offered them exactly what they needed: cost-effective erasure compliant with GDPR norms.


BitRaser team understood the client's requirement for a cost-effective and GDPR compliant solution that brings ease of usage to their operational team. iteam was offered a free license to get a hands-on experience of the software along with support on usage.


The Norwegian company continued to provide best in class data erasure services to its clients using BitRaser in line with GDPR regulatory requirements. The company not only saved a considerable amount on the operational cost, but also saved on the manpower cost of performing erasure owing to the software's automation capabilities. BitRaser Cloud Console offered iteam superior manageability, ease of use and convenience that helped them resolve challenges they were facing with the existing tool. Additionally, the reports repository on a secure cloud server and ISO customization feature of BitRaser were highly appreciated by the iteam members.

April, 2022

“BitRaser gave us exactly what we needed: cost effective handling of safe erasure according to GDPR norms. Good follow up by staff, which has solved all our problems.”

Vegard Waldal, Purchasing Manager

Business Need
  • Secure, Compliant, & Cost-Effective Data Erasure
  • Simple & Efficient Cloud Console For User & License Management

BitRaser Drive Eraser
  • GDPR Compliant Data Erasure
  • Reduced Operational Cost
  • Central Cloud Console for Managing Reports
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