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Case Study

San Diego Futures Uses BitRaser For Secure IT Asset Disposition Before Donating.

San Diego Futures Foundation (SDFF) is a non-profit organization committed to improving the lives of underserved locals in San Diego County. The organization provides necessary resources like IT equipment, technical training, IT outsourcing, and digital media services to enhance the digital literacy rate and economic condition of the residents of San Diego. The company also has a ‘Hardware Refurbishment and Distribution Program’ under which it refurbishes and redistributes laptops, computers, IT equipment, etc., to the non-profit and income-qualifying individuals.

Business Need

The SDFF Company had the following requirements:


1. Personalized Certificate of Eraser

The company needed a secure data wiping solution that generated a certificate of erasure with option to add their logo and technician’s signature. The existing software lacked this option.


2. Cloud Repository for Reports Management

San Diego Futures Foundation needed a central control for accessing its repository of erasure reports. The software (WipeDrive) they were using prior to BitRaser did not provide them the option to maintain a repository of past erasure. With the growing erasure of devices year on year basis, they needed a cloud repository to manage retrieval of past erasure reports.


BitRaser software’s scalability and manageability was much appreciated by San Diego Futures Foundation. The foundation was impressed with the secure cloud repository, ISO customization, and responsive customer service. They realized that the NIST compliant and tested data erasure solution fulfilled all the requisites the earlier software lacked. In addition to permanent data wiping, BitRaser offered an option to add their company logo and desired signatures in the certificate. 


BitRaser team evaluated the client’s requirements for secure data wiping, customized certificate, & secure cloud repository and accordingly offered Drive Eraser solution with cloud console to them. 


Using BitRaser Drive Eraser, the non-profit organization could now erase securely and scale up their operations. Keeping the IT assets completely wiped before donation helps in averting the possibility of data recovery and subsequent breaches.

The software cloud console also enabled the organization to access erasure reports and certificates that could be retrieved from anywhere across the globe. As a result, SDFF personnel could easily track, manage, and distribute data wiping records for audit trails and made it accessible on demand. 

MAY, 2022

“BitRaser has given above and beyond services since day one. Backed by a team of skilled professionals helping me constantly by addressing all the query I have in a hasty manner. The team goes out of the way to help us with much anticipated instructions in a friendly tone giving us priority all the time.”

Jose Padres , IT Hardware Technician

  • San Diego Futures Foundation

Business Need
    • Secure drive wiping tool that provides option to Customize Erasure Report with company logo and technician’s signature.
    • Efficient Cloud Console to keep track of past erasures and easy retrievals of certificate on demand

BitRaser Drive Eraser
    • Customize ISO image to preconfigure settings for easy deployment to save time.
    • Cloud Console for user, license management and maintaining repository of erasure reports 
    • Provide Reports in their own logo with technician verification and signature.
    • Premium 24x5 technical support without any extra cost.
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