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BitRaser helps North California-based ITAD Company scale-up their data erasure operations with cloud-based reporting capability.

The organization is an IT asset disposition, data destruction, and e-recycling company based in North California. It is committed to environmental sustainability through the adoption of eco-friendly methods and practices. A NAID AAA Certified organization, the ITAD Company provides onsite and plant-based data destruction services in compliance with HIPAA, FACTA, and GLB standards. Certified data erasure is a crucial element of the organization's data destruction and IT asset disposition processes for sanitizing and reselling the storage hardware.

Business Need Scalable data erasure solution:

1. Scalable data erasure solution It was looking for a data erasure solution that could wipe multiple storage drives and devices in a single process. It needed a "universal" data wiping solution that could erase multiple hard drives and devices of various makes & models together. For instance— "simultaneous wiping" of laptops, loose hard drives, Mac devices, etc., was a critical need, for which the company wanted a data erasure tool with network-based booting and wiping capability.

2. Cloud-based reporting The ITAD Company also wanted a cloud-based reporting facility integrated with the data erasure software to allow instant storage and retrieval of the reports from any location. Cloud-based reporting was required to preserve the reports across all the erasure tasks and facilitate 24x7 global access, unlike local or standalone reporting, which allows limited access and is tedious.

Challenges The organization faced the following challenges with its existing data erasure solution:

1. Tedious and inefficient erasure process It was using a data erasure software tool built into a hardware appliance that allowed connecting a limited number of loose drives for erasure. While the software met their initial requirement, it had some limitations. It did not allow connecting a laptop or desktop directly for wiping but required removal of the hard drives from the machines in order to connect them to the wiping appliance. This was a tedious and lengthy process affecting the data wiping efficiency. This limitation also hampered erasure of Mac drives, as removal of the hard drive from a Mac system is complex and technically challenging.

2. Inability to erase the drives over the network The software did not have any provision for wiping the storage drives and devices together over a network. It did not support technology like USB or PXE for booting and erasing the devices. Due to this limitation, the company was unable to scale up its data erasure capacity, which was crucial for serving high-capacity projects.

3. No provision for centralized reporting The existing software did not have a cloud-based reporting facility, due to which the company needed to maintain a local repository of the erasure reports. This manual bookkeeping process was inefficient and error-prone, and it allowed a limited "offline" access to the reports. Absence of cloud-based reporting also hampered consistent and globally accessible record keeping, serving as the audit trails for regulatory compliance.


The organization reached out to Stellar for evaluating its BitRaser software - certified data erasure for hard drives, PCs & servers The organization found BitRaser Drive Eraser Admin Console* variant as a perfect solution – software that supports PXE network boot wiping technology and can erase up to 65,000 drives over a local network. The tool generates a digitally signed certificate and report for the erased devices, and automatically uploads the documents on BitRaser secure cloud.


The BitRaser team at Stellar gathered insight into the client organization's expectations with aspects like scalability, current solution limitations, cloud-based reporting to its day-to-day erasure operations. The team also understood the organization's network setup — a crucial first step to assess the feasibility, efforts and timelines for deploying BitRaser Drive Eraser with Admin Console at its service facility.

Next, the team configured the onsite Windows Server machine provisioned by the organization. It installed the BitRaser tool on the server machine remotely and tested it extensively for erasing multiple drives and devices over the local area network. The complete deployment, from server configuration and software installation to real-world testing, remotely using the remote access tool was done by BitRaser team.


Deployment of BitRaser provided an intuitive and scalable solution to erase the hard drives and devices without the need for hardware dismantling or performing any other manual step. Cloud-based reporting facilitated centralized storage and distribution of data erasure records and made them globally accessible. The cloud facility also enhanced the overall manageability of the company's data erasure operations.

The reports generated using BitRaser software provided detailed information on the erased hardware, including asset tag, manufacturer, chassis type, USB controller hub and device, memory, processor, disk, etc. This information helped CEAR with hardware profiling and facilitated downstream processing of the devices before reselling.

March, 2021

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"California Electronic Asset Recovery (CEAR) is an IT asset disposition, data destruction, and e-recycling company based in California"

California Electronic Asset Recovery (CEAR), Inc.

  • North California-based ITAD Company

Business Need
  • Scalable data erasure solution
  • Cloud-based reporting system with detailed hardware information

  • Tedious and inefficient data erasure setup where the drives need to be dismantled from the laptops and desktops.
  • No provision for centralized and globally accessible reporting

BitRaser Drive Eraser with Admin Console
  • Intuitive and scalable data erasure solution
  • Centralized storage and distribution of data erasure reports
  • Extensive hardware profiling data to support the reselling business
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