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Case Study

BitRaser helps a leading ITAD company in Texas migrate successfully to a fully scalable, ERP-integrated data erasure facility.

CompuCycle is an ITAD and electronics recycling company based in Houston, Texas. It provides end-of-life IT asset management services focused on secure data destruction and eco-friendly e-recycling. The company uses data erasure and physical shredding as per responsible recycling standards to deliver eco-friendly data destruction services for computers, hard drives, servers, etc. CompuCycle relies on data erasure software to fulfill service contracts comprising several thousand hard drives annually.

Business Need

Following Were the needs of CompuCycle:

1. ERP-integrated data erasure service facility

CompuCycle wanted to commission a "fully connected" ITAD service facility through a cohesive integration of the data erasure software with its existing Makor ERP system. It needed this integrated facility to automatically capture the storage hardware details in the ERP system in real-time before pushing the devices through the data erasure process line.

Through this setup, the company wanted to continue their erasure service facility in the same tandem to record the asset details, perform drive erasure, and manage the inventory in a single workflow. This integrated facility was crucial for the organization to deliver fast, scalable and automated data erasure service.

2. Ground up support for system integration

To fulfill this project, CompuCycle needed BitRaser team to provide solution consulting, ERP system integration with erasure, and on the ground deployment. The company was expecting proactive and dedicated support, along with efficient execution in order to achieve this goal within the set timeframe.



CompuCycle faced the following challenges:

1. Technical limitations of the existing data erasure software

CompuCycle was using multiple data wiping tools like Blancco®, Softthinks®, and Tabernus® at that time when it determined the need for a more efficient data erasure software with Makor ERP integration. These software tools allowed limited integration with the ERP and did not support the end-to-end operational outcomes expected from the desired data erasure facility.

The company was on the lookout for a software that could serve its data erasure needs in the most cost-effective manner with scale and efficiency not compromised; while also assimilating impeccably with the ERP.

2. Lack of solution consulting & technical support from the vendor

CompuCycle needed technical consultation and support for end-to-end integration of the data erasure software with ERP. However, the company did not receive the necessary focus and responsiveness from their existing deployment vendor to understand its business needs and IT infrastructure. These were essential components to formulate the optimal solution strategy.

CompuCycle was also concerned about the existing vendor's approach towards handling the project and faced a few challenges concerning the estimation of efforts.


CompuCycle team and Stellar® jointly explored the benefits of BitRaser – the data erasure software from Stellar for erasing loose hard drives, laptop & desktop PCs, and servers.

BitRaser Account Management team engaged with CompuCycle operations team to understand the requirements. It gathered minute details of the organization's needs, challenges, and expectations with the project.

Based on the product & domain due diligence, the team came up with a plan for deploying the BitRaser Drive Eraser Admin Console* variant – a tool with potential for 100% integration & interoperability with Makor ERP and the existing IT setup of CompuCycle.


Stellar deployed a dedicated team specializing in the BitRaser product line. This team comprised of an account manager, solution consultant, and software developers, took the following approach to fulfill the needs of CompuCycle:

1. Requirement Understanding

This was a crucial early-stage engagement with CompuCycle, wherein the BitRaser team gathered extensive inputs from the client organization. The team traveled to Texas to gather a firsthand insight into the system architecture at the data erasure facility of CompuCycle.

2. Customized Development:

Based on the gathered inputs, it was evident that seamless integration with the ERP and operability over a networked erasure process would require customized product development. Stellar allocated the resources to scale & augment the existing BitRaser product line into a more comprehensive solution - deployable over a local network and compatible with modern business systems. This was a humongous development project at the outset, involving proprietary research, product development, software prototyping, and testing


1. BitRaser team adopted a highly transparent and communicative approach, which helped maintain the optimal flow of information throughout the project span. Upfront and proactive communication helped in identifying any imminent obstacles beforehand and addressing them efficiently. The communication strategy also helped iron out the challenges earlier faced by the CompuCycle team.


2. Technical support was another key benefit called out by the client organization as a clear distinction from any other solution it had tried before. BitRaser customer support team played a pivotal role in addressing the client-side queries throughout the deployment and post-deployment stages.


3. Flexibility in the overall fulfillment of the need, from strategy & consulting to project planning and execution, was the third major benefit noted by CompuCycle. The client organization expressed delight in the overall approach the BitRaser team adopted to fulfill its expectations.

JAN, 2021

“Extremely satisfied with BitRaser for sanitizing our hard drives. It is wonderful to have a software company that meets & often exceeds our expectations.”

Clive Hess, EVP

  • CompuCycle, Inc.

Business Need
    • ERP-integrated data erasure facility to erase 40,000 drives annually efficiently.
    • Comprehensive data erasure solution consulting with end-to-end deployment support

    • Limited integration of Makor ERP with existing data erasure tools
    • Limited vendor support and flexibility
    • Lack of support and responsiveness

BitRaser Drive Eraser with Admin Console
    • Seamless integration with ERP to push drive erasure
    • Transparent and communicative approach
    • Superior data erasure technical support
    • Efficient data erasure software with central repository of reports and certificates
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