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Case Study

BitRaser helps Brazilian ITAD Company to deliver fast, sustainable, and globally compliant data erasure service.


EcoTecno is an IT asset destruction and electronics waste recycling company based in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The company provides professional services to dispose of various electronics wastes, including desktops and laptops, hard drives, server racks, mobile devices, printers, monitors, etc. Secure and certified data destruction is a crucial tenet of the company’s IT asset disposal service for recycling data-bearing devices such as computers, hard drives, USB flash storage, etc. EcoTecno procures most of these data storage devices for recycling from multinational corporations and financial institutions based in South America.

The company’s prime focus is to deliver sustainable e-recycling service while protecting the integrity and privacy of its clientele’s sensitive data. For EcoTecno, certified data destruction is a crucial need concerning the removal of storage hardware from client offices, warehouses, commercial rooms, etc. The company needs to issue data destruction certificate to its customers.

Business Need

EcoTecno needed a data erasure software that could fulfill the following needs:

1. Certified wiping of hard drives as per international standards: The company needed data erasure software that could wipe serial-attached SCSI (SAS) hard drives, hard disk drives, and solid-state drives and generate a globally compliant erasure certificate. Its prime need was to provide certified data wiping to meet international data privacy standards and offer eco-sustainable solution to allow device reuse and resale to its customers.

The company was negotiating the procurement of a large consignment of hard drives from an enterprise customer. So, it needed a data erasure tool that could wipe these hard drives with the necessary audit trails (reports and certificates) to allow reuse or resell while ensuring data privacy for the customer.

Certified data erasure software was crucial for EcoTecno to negotiate procurement contracts with companies demanding sustainable and compliant IT asset disposal solutions.

2. Onsite erasure without Internet The end-clients of the company needed on-site secure erasure to be performed. They did not allow any access to internet for the erasure process. EcoTecno, thus, needed to perform onsite erasure of hard drives on secure client facilities without accessing the Internet. The erasure certificates were required to be sent to its clients. The company, hence, needed a data erasure tool that could allow 100% offline wiping using any host device.


EcoTecno was using physical destruction method to dispose of the hard drives. However, this method generated e-waste and did not allow device reuse or resale to support monetization. With this existing setup, EcoTecno faced challenges in negotiating and signing up contracts with companies that were demanding eco-friendly & secure IT asset disposal.


EcoTecno evaluated BitRaser Driver Eraser, and it reached out to Stellar for assessing the software capabilities like hard drive wiping efficacy, reports and certificates, supported global standards for compliance, manageability, etc. The company also checked the tool’s “offline wiping” ability, i.e., without using Internet, and found BitRaser Drive Eraser Offline USB variant as an ideal fit. The Offline USB variant performs end-to-end wiping process (device booting, license acquisition, drive wiping and reports generation) using a USB dongle plugged into an offline host machine. Further, EcoTecno wanted to have the capability of centralized cloud console to manage all their licenses, users & reports at one place which was achieved using Drive Eraser software.


BitRaser team helped EcoTecno understand the key functionality of BitRaser Drive Eraser vis-à-vis the company’s specific needs for a certified and compliant data wiping solution with live software demo and walkthrough of the offline and cloud usage scenarios.


BitRaser Driver Eraser provided the following benefits to EcoTecno:

1. Sustainable data destruction BitRaser allowed the company to deliver sustainable data destruction by erasing the drives and devices instead of destroying them physically. Data wiping using BitRaser helped the company to procure large consignments of devices and monetize them through resale.

2. Secure data wiping solution BitRaser helped the company to deliver fast and failsafe data erasure to protect the privacy of its clientele. The software generated tamperproof reports and certificates to guarantee 100% compliant wiping in line with global data protection laws.

3. Offline data erasure capability BitRaser Drive Eraser Offline USB variant allowed EcoTecno to perform onsite erasure without using Internet or client infrastructure such as a host system. The USB variant extended the company’s service reach to all types of facilities, irrespective of Internet connectivity.

June, 2021

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"BitRaser Support is really efficient. They accurately understood our needs and put us on the right track to help improve performance."

Bruno Benoliel

  • EcoTecno

Business Need
  • Sustainable data destruction to support device reuse & resell
  • Certified wiping to meet global privacy compliance standards
  • Onsite erasure without Internet

  • The existing method was not eco-friendly and didn’t meet the compliance standards

BitRaser Drive Eraser
  • BitRaser enabled secure and sustainable data destruction. It helped the company to sign up large procurements.
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