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Case Study

BitRaser Helps IQ-EQ, a European Fintech Investing Services Group With Fast, Secure And Globally Compliant Data Erasure Service

IQ-EQ, is a leading Fintech company based in Luxembourg, with presence across several locations worldwide. It provides administration, asset and advisory services, enabling investors to focus on investing and preserving capital. It works with seven of the top 10 global private equity firms. Handling, processing and disposing of highly sensitive investor data is a crucial element for IQ-EQ's regulatory compliance needs.

Business Need

IQ-EQ had the following needs while assessing data erasure solutions:

1. Secure & Certified wiping of hard drives as per global data erasure standards

The company needed data erasure software that could wipe hard disk drives, and solid-state drives & generate erasure certificate that helps them meet global compliance. Its prime need was to have a certified data wiping solution that adheres to globally recognized data wiping standards for meeting international data privacy and data protection regulations.

2. Cloud-based Central Repository of Reports

The Fintech Company required a cloud-based reporting system so that reports could be stored and retrieved instantly from any place. Considering that IQ-EQ has a global presence with multiple locations worldwide, it required a cloud repository of reports for 24x7 global accessibility in contrast to standalone cumbersome and static reporting.


The IQ-EQ team evaluated BitRaser Drive Eraser for erasing hard drives & SSDs. The company found BitRaser Drive Eraser Cloud Console variant very impressive to meet its hard drive wiping needs with cloud repository for reports and certificates. BitRaser Drive Eraser successfully wiped the PCs in accordance with the global data erasure standards including NIST 800-88 Purge. It also generated digitally signed certificates and reports for a complete audit trail. Data erasure records were also uploaded successfully to a secure cloud by the software.


After understanding the need and core concerns of IQ-EQ, the company was assisted by the BitRaser team in understanding the key features of BitRaser Drive Eraser w.r.t their specific requirements for a secure, certified and compliant data erasure solution. Through a live software demo, a walkthrough was given by BitRaser team to IQ-EQ members providing consultation on software deployment.


BitRaser Driver Eraser provided the following benefits to IQ-EQ:

1. Secure, Certified & Compliant Data Erasure:

IQ-EQ could now securely wipe PCs using global data erasure standard for meeting regulatory compliance with a verifiable audit trails.

2. Comprehensive Reports:

The software fulfilled IQ-EQ's need for certified erasure reports (digitally signed) and certificates with tamper-proof audit trails

3. Central Cloud Repository for Reports:

IQ-EQ found BitRaser Cloud Console convenient and manageable. It’s easy to use dashboard helped them maintain their erasure reports on a secure cloud server with 24x7 global access.

4. Responsive & Friendly Customer Support:

IQ-EQ was offered 24x5 free support that was responsive and excellent at all stages from gathering their requirements to consulting, deploying, and providing technical support. IQ-EQ praised the efforts of BitRaser team towards an excellent, swift and responsive service.

Sept, 2021

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"Fluid and easy standardized erasure with centrally stored erasure reports. Impressed with excellent response and quick service."

Ewout Sweer
IT Regional Support Leader

Business Need
  • Secure & Certified data erasure solution
  • Certified wiping to meet global privacy compliance standards
  • Cloud-based central repository of reports

  • To erase hard drives & SSDs with standardized erasure and to meet global data privacy guidelines

BitRaser Drive Eraser
  • Secure, Certified & Compliant Data Erasure
  • Comprehensive Central Cloud Repository for Reports
  • Responsive & Friendly Customer Support
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