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Case Study

BitRaser Helps Florida Based Recycler To Offer Certified IT Asset Disposition Services And Become R2v3 Compliant


With years of experience in the IT and Consumer Electronic Industries, Next Level Technology, is an independent reseller of technology from today’s top brands in both new and in house refurbished products. With a State-of-Art R2 certified recycling facility, the company provides streamlined fulfillment process ensuring fast and accurate order processing.

Business Need

Next Level Technology had the following needs:

1. Perform Secure Data Erasure on Laptop, Desktops, and Loose Drives

The company needed data erasure software that could wipe devices and loose hard drives, along with generation of erasure certificate for audit trails as per R2v3 guidelines.

2. Certified Wiping Tool to Meet Global Standards

The Refurbisher required a certified data erasure software that could help them comply with the data privacy and data protection regulations including R2v3. Their primary requirement was to adhere to the recent changes in R2v3 norms and wipe drives in laptops and desktops with a certified data wiping solution.


The Next Level Technology team evaluated BitRaser Drive Eraser for wiping data from hard drives, PCs, and laptops. The company liked the ease of use, automation & manageability of the software. The Drive Eraser successfully wiped the drives in accordance with the global data erasure standards including NIST 800-88 Purge. It also provided complete audit trails with digitally-signed reports and certificates.


After understanding core needs of Next Level Technology representative, BitRaser team assisted them with the right tool for a secure, certified, and R2v3 compliant data erasure solution. Using a live software walkthrough, BitRaser experts offered hands-on demonstration and consulting to the Next Level Technology team.


Next Level team derived the following benefits from BitRaser Software:

1. Secure, Certified & Compliant Data Erasure:

BitRaser, being a NIST tested and approved software, helped Next Level Technology to securely wipe hard drives and SSDs in order to comply with latest R2v3 guidelines.

Next Level could now erase bulk drives efficiently and comply with the legislative requirements of various international data protection laws, auditing agencies and certifying authorities like R2 that mandates permanent erasure of drives beyond the scope of data recovery.

2. Reports & Certificates For Audit Trails:

The software gave them peace of mind by generating erasure reports for audit trails. The reports act as a proof of erasure and mention basic machine diagnostics that help them comply with R2v3 standards.

3. Central Cloud Repository:

Additionally, BitRaser Cloud Console offered Next Level Technology with a central repository of reports and certificates on a secure cloud server. Central cloud repository offered them superior manageability, convenience and superlative customer experience.

4. Responsive & Friendly Customer Support:

Next level team experienced premium 24x5 customer support from BitRaser team through Phone, Web, Chat and Email. This helped them gain easy access whenever in need.

Dec, 2021

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"Experience with BitRaser has been amazing. Really happy with the support, software and team’s timely responses"

AliRaza Habib

Business Need
  • Offer Secure & Certified Data Erasure Services
  • Certified Wiping Software to Meet R2v3 Guidelines

BitRaser Drive Eraser
  • Global Regulatory and R2 Compliance
  • Reports & Certificates For Audit Trails
  • Central Cloud Repository for Managing Reports
  • Responsive & Friendly Customer Support
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