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Case Study

BitRaser Delivers Effective Data Wiping Solutions for Romania-based IT firm Pentalog.

Pentalog is an IT services platform that offers recruitment, engineering, consultation & financial services to enterprises of all sizes. They have over 1600 employees across 16 locations delivering cutting-edge technological, engineering, and product solutions.

Business Need

Pentalog approached BitRaser with the following needs:

1. Data Wiping Software for Compliance: The Company was looking for an effective data wiping solution that could sanitize SSD in particular and help meet compliance with global laws.

2. Automated Reporting: They required software with an automated reporting mechanism.

3. Data Erasure Reports: The Company was looking for secure data erasure reports that were easy to access.


The company required an erasure solution to meet compliance with data privacy laws. They were looking for software that could generate detailed erasure reports and certificates needed for meeting compliance. 


BitRaser’s team inspected the requirement criteria of Pentalog and suggested BitRaser Drive Eraser software for their data wiping requirements. The software ensures compliance with global data protection regulations like CCPA, HIPAA, GDPR, PCI DSS, etc., by delivering secure data sanitization on all types of hard drives, SSDs, PCs, Mac, and Laptops. The data eraser software generates 100% tamper-proof reports & certificates required for compliance and audits. BitRaser’s cloud repository grants ease of access and manageability to the required reports and certificates.


1. Permanent Data Wiping: BitRaser drive eraser ensures data destruction beyond the scope of recovery from all types of storage devices. Permanent data destruction ensures compliance with global media sanitization standards like NIST 800-88.

2. Tamper-Proof Reports & Certificates: Mandatory for meeting compliance reports alleviates the company’s capacity to meet compliance and maintain audit trails.

3. Ease of Access through Cloud Repository: Reports and certificates are stored in a cloud repository that allows easy access from any location.

4. Friendly Customer Support: Pentalog was very satisfied with the technical support team. They found them to be very responsive and client-oriented.

AUGUST, 2022

“We are satisfied with the capabilities of the software, we really appreciate the data erasure report. We look forward to BitRaser having SSO/SAM Authentication.”

Mihaela-Giorgiana Raduta , Service Manager

  • Pentalog

Business Need
    • Data wiping software for compliance
    • Automated reporting
    • Ease of access to Data Erasure Reports


    The company required a data erasure software that could meet its requirements of permanent data erasure, generate tamper proof reports for audits and have a centralized storage for reports for ease of access.

BitRaser Drive Eraser

    Permanent data wiping on all types of storage devices meeting compliance. Reports and certificates to meet requirements. Ease of access to the reports through centralized cloud storage and a client oriented & effective technical support team.     

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