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Case Study

RepowerIT Streamlines Reporting & Wipes Various Device Types Using BitRaser.

RepowerIT provides IT asset disposal & buyback solutions to large organizations across the United States. The company’s turnkey solutions cover the entire process of equipment decommissioning, logistics, data erasure, hard drive shredding, and refurbishment for resale.

Business Need

RepowerIT approached BitRaser with the following needs:

1. Wipe Multiple Drive Types: RepowerIT sought a unified solution to wipe different media devices.

2. Tracking & Reporting: The Company wanted easy-to-manage tracking and reporting of their erased devices.

3. Customizable Reports: Reporting with BitRaser enabled them to provide customized reports to their customers.


The company had tried multiple data-wiping solutions depending on the media type to be erased. They needed a one-stop data erasure solution that could easily help them with different drives and devices. The company faced challenges with reporting erased assets using the previous solutions. RepowerIT couldn’t provide customized reporting to their vendors, as some preferred receiving individual PDF erasure certificates or a .csv file with erasure logs. 


BitRaser’s team understood the requirements of RepowerIT and suggested BitRaser Drive Eraser software, a one-stop solution to wipe all kinds of drives and devices irrespective of the hardware. 


1. Multiple Device Wiping: Using BitRaser RepowerIT can now wipe any storage device like HDD, SSD, NVMe, SCSI, SAS, etc., with a single software, helping them be more efficient.

2. Central Repository of Reports: Anytime, anywhere access to all erasure reports added to their convenience. The advantage of creating new users with limited access, simplifying remote audits, and maintaining a secure chain of custody was highly appreciable.

3. ISO Customization: BitRaser offered ISO customization with options to do hardware diagnostics, select erasure methods, add custom fields, imprint the company logo, etc.

JAN, 2023

“Our experience with BitRaser has been positive overall. A learning curve is to be expected in the beginning, however, we experimented with a number of other erasure solutions and found the learning curve with BitRaser to be less than that presented by other solutions.”

Glen Montgomery , CEO

  • RepowerIT

Business Need
    • Single wiping solution
    • Easy tracking & reporting
    • Customizable reports


    RepowerIT required a single solution that could wipe multiple types of media devices. They wanted a better way to provide detailed reporting of their erased assets. 

BitRaser Drive Eraser

    BitRaser Drive Eraser can wipe multiple device types with ease. The erasure reports are customizable and can be centrally accessed for easy tracking and auditing. 

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