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Case Study

A Canadian R2 Certified Refurbisher Uses BitRaser To Offer Secure, Certified and Globally Compliant Data Erasure Service.


Rugged Books is a Canadian R2 Certified Refurbisher located in Ontario, Canada. The company specializes in budget-friendly Rugged Computing Laptops, Tablets and handhelds. Rugged Books also have multiple ISO recognitions including ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, and ISO45001:2018.

Business Need

Rugged Books had the following needs while assessing different data erasure solutions:

1. Secure & Certified Data Erasure Solution as per Global Data Erasure standards

The company needed data erasure software that could wipe up to 2000 hard disk drives / devices monthly, along with generation of digitally signed erasure certificate. Its prime need was to have a certified data wiping solution that adheres to globally recognized data wiping standards and ensures permanent & full-proof erasure of data beyond recovery.

2. Certified Wiping to Meet R2 Standards

The Refurbisher required a certified data erasure solution that could help them meet their R2 compliance with the latest data privacy and data protection regulations including PIPEDA, Canada, GDPR, Europe, etc.


The Rugged Books team evaluated the functionality of the BitRaser Drive Eraser for wiping hard drives, PCs, and servers. The company also assessed BitRaser Cloud Console variant for its hard drive wiping efficacy, reporting and & bulk erasure manageability. BitRaser Drive Eraser successfully wiped the PCs in accordance with the global data erasure standards including NIST 800-88 Purge. It also generated digitally signed certificates and reports for a complete audit trail. Data erasure records were also uploaded successfully to a secure cloud by the software.


After understanding the needs, requirements & core concerns communicated by Rugged Books representatives, the company was assisted by the BitRaser team in understanding the key features of BitRaser Drive Eraser vis-a-vis their specific requirements for a compliant data erasure solution.


BitRaser Drive Eraser fulfilled all the requirements of Rugged Books — exceeding their expectations. The benefits offered to the company are as follows:

1. Secure, Certified & Compliant Data Erasure:

BitRaser, a NIST tested and approved software, helped Rugged Books to securely wipe PCs using global data erasure standards with NIST Purge 800-88 as the default erasure option.

2. Global Regulatory and R2 Compliance

Rugged Books can now seamlessly wipe multiple hard drives in a scalable, faster and globally complaint manner. This meant that their erasure of hard drives now complies with the legislative requirements of various international data protection statutes, auditing agencies and certifying authorities like R2 that mandates permanent erasure of drives with no scope of data recovery, after addressing all storage locations including hidden areas and remapped sectors.

3. Reports & Certificates For Audit Trails:

The software also offered Rugged Books with generation of digitally signed reports and certificates with tamper-proof audit trails, helping them comply with global data privacy and data protection regulations.

4. Central Cloud Repository for Reports:

BitRaser Cloud Console offered a central repository of reports on a secure cloud. Cloud repository allowed for easy, mobile and round the clock access to erasure reports- leading to superior manageability, convenience and great customer experience.

5. Responsive & Friendly Customer Support:

The Client was offered detailed, responsive and excellent support at all stages of the process from customer requirements gathering to consulting, deployment, and technical support. Rugged Books praised the efforts of BitRaser support and technical team towards an excellent, swift and responsive service.

Oct, 2021

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"Overall experience is great with BitRaser. We get all the erasure methods in same product. We will definitely Recommend this product."

Vivek Kathiriya

Business Need
  • Secure & Certified data erasure solution
  • Certified wiping to meet global privacy compliance standards

  • To erase all kind of drives and devices with standardized erasure in order to meet global data privacy guidelines.

BitRaser Drive Eraser
  • Global Regulatory and R2 Compliance
  • Reports & Certificates For Audit Trails
  • Central Cloud Repository for Reports
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