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Championing The Cause of Circular Economy BitRaser Helps Botswanian Firm Reduce e-waste.

Turning Point Hospitality Pty ltd. is an e-waste management company licensed by the Department of waste management & pollution control, Botswana. The company deals in disposing of obsolete Information Technology devices like computers, laptops, printed circuit boards, printers, smartphones, and modems. Turning Point promotes the sanitization of media devices before recycling and reusing them to reduce the environmental impact of e-waste

Business Need

Turning Point approached BitRaser with the following needs:

1. Certified Data Sanitization Software That Makes Data Recovery Impossible: The Company was looking for a top-class data destruction software that provides permanent data erasure on all media devices and helps meet global compliances.

2. Assessment Report on Health of devices to Review Reusability: Turning Point wanted a software that could help in gauging device reusability by accessing the health of the device after sanitization.

3. Increase Reuse & Resell of Sanitized Devices: The client needed a secure wiping solution that could be the best alternative to physically destroying the device and promote the cause of circular economy by reselling the sanitized devices.


Turning Point was earlier involved in physical destruction of hard drives due to which they had to pay additional cost for the equipment. Further, they were not able to reuse the old devices and resell them. The firm realized the importance of data sanitization over physical destruction that was against the concept of circular economy and reusing of old devices.


Our team analyzed the requirements of Turning Point and suggested BitRaser Drive Eraser software for wiping hard drives and SSDs. The cost-effective software was an ideal solution for the Botswana-based ITAD to help them erase devices securely and ensure compliance with global data protection laws & regulations. The data eraser solution also provides tamper-proof reports & certificates which are extremely helpful in gauging device health and increasing resale value. These reports serve as audit trails for compliance needs. The software’s capability for complete sanitization makes the device reusable, thereby reducing e-waste.


1. Secure & Reliable Wiping Solution: BitRaser drive eraser helped the company in completely wiping the hard drives quickly and effectively. They found that data is not recoverable even by forensic means.

2. Tamper-Proof Audit Trails: Detailed reports and certificates generated by the software helped the business in the selection of devices that can be reused. The reporting and certification instill confidence within the organization for secure wiping and meeting audit requirements.

3. Simple & Easy to Use: The software has an intuitive interface that is easy to use even for non-technical users. The user guide gives step by step instructions that helps in using the software seamlessly.

4. Reduction in Environmental Impact: Data sanitization helps reduce the harmful impact on environment and champions the cause of circular economy for responsible reuse and recycling.

5. Receptive & Courteous Customer Support: Turning Point was highly impressed with the technical support that helped the client in understanding the product, installation, and troubleshooting.

JULY, 2022

“We have interacted with other data erasure software and found BitRaser to be the best in the market. It is easy to use, & very effective in the total removal of data. We could not recover the data from wiped drives even after engaging ethical hackers.Tech-support is always available and is a delight.”

Boitshepo Bolele , Owner

  • Turning Point

Business Need
    • Sustainable & permanent data destruction
    • Assessment report to gauge device health and reusability
    • Reducing overall e-waste


    Earlier method involved physical destruction of media hindering device reusability and generating e-waste.

BitRaser Drive Eraser

    BitRraser enabled secure and permanent data erasure. It helped the company in reducing environmental footprint and responsibly reuse the devices.

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