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Case Study

Upgreat, Apple Refurbisher Uses BitRaser Software To Wipe Mac & iOS Devices.

UPGREAT is an Estonian corporation that is part of the iDeal and Valge Klaar group with offices in Latvia, Lithuania & Finland. They are Estonia’s largest seller of old and repaired Apple products. Upgreat provides convenient, affordable warranties without compromising on the quality of service and repair.

Business Need

Upgreat approached BitRaser with the following needs:

1. MacBook Wiping: The Company was looking for a secure erasure software that could wipe MacBooks, like MBA (MacBook Air), MBP (MacBook Pro), and newer versions based on NVMe protocol SSDs.

2. Data Wiping of T1 /T2 /M1 Mac Devices: Upgreat required solution for wiping M1/M1Pro/Ultra & T1/T2 chip-enabled Mac devices.

3. IPhone & iPad Wiping: They wanted software that seamlessly wipes iOS devices.


The company was performing data wiping for the first time and wanted an easy-to-use, efficient and reliable Mac & iOS data wiping software to help in wiping modern Mac devices containing T1/T2 or M1 security chips. In addition, the audit trail was an important ask.


BitRaser’s team understood the requirements of Upgreat and suggested BitRaser Drive Eraser software, a one-stop solution to wipe all kinds of drives and devices based irrespective of the Operating system. The solution helped the customer wipe different types and models of Mac Devices, including MBP, MBA, and other latest versions with M1/T1/T2 Chips

Further, the team also suggested BitRaser Mobile Eraser & Diagnostics for meeting their wiping needs of iOS-based devices.


1. Easily Deployable Cloud-Based & Offline Solution: Upgreat deployed BitRaser at their internet-based facility and used USB-based deployment at offline locations.

2. Single Console for Mac and iOS Erasure Reports: The BitRaser cloud console helps maintain the repository of data erasure reports and certificates for both Mac and iOS devices, giving auditors the convenience of checking audit trails.

3. iOS Wiping: The mobile eraser & diagnostics software is a powerful tool with a unified interface for erasure and diagnostics.

DEC, 2022

“Had a decent experience using BitRaser products. The Technical support team provided quick resolution when needed.”

Kristjan Kütaru , Technician

  • Upgreat LC

Business Need
    • MacBook Wiping
    • OS device Wiping
    • Wiping T1/T2/M1 Mac Devices


    Upgreat required an easy to use, efficient and reliable data wiping solutions for Mac & iOS devices, including the latest M1//T1/T2 chip.

BitRaser Drive Eraser & BitRaser Mobile Eraser & Diagnostics

    Permanent data wiping on all types of Mac devices, including devices with latest M1 & T1/T2 security chips. The Mobile tool can wipe and diagnose iOS devices seamlessly and generate erasure reports that can be accessed centrally.

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