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Case Study

Oklahoma-Based ITAD, Upward Assets Incorporates BitRaser to Enhance Its Data Wiping Operations for Multiple Drive Types.

Upward Assets is an ITAD company located in Oklahoma City that delivers disposition services to Fortune 500 corporations, state & federal agencies, hospitals, schools, etc. 

Business Need

Upward Assets approached BitRaser with the following needs:

1. Multiple Drive Types Wiping: The Company was using the WipeOS drive wiping solution and was looking for a change considering its limitation on wiping various types and models of drives.

2. Effective Technical Support: The Company was looking for a supportive and efficient technical support team to help them resolve any technical issue.

3. Operational Scalability: They required a solution to help them scale up their operations over a network using PXE boot. Previously they used an appliance for this process.


The company was using another software WipeOS that could not fulfill their data wiping needs with limited wiping capabilities. They needed a scalable solution supporting PXE boot wipe to erase multiple machines over a network. The company also required responsive technical support round the clock to resolve any issue.


BitRaser’s team inspected the requirements of Upward Assets and suggested BitRaser Drive Eraser software for wiping different types and models of hard drives and SSDs across a wide variety of storage devices.

The team assisted them in setting up a PXE deployment which helped them to wipe multiple machines simultaneously over the network. In addition, the BitRaser Technical support team was able to guide and help the company with any technical issue they faced.


1. Multiple Drive Type Wiping: BitRaser has one license type to support all kinds of drives HDD, SSD, USB, SATA, PATA, etc. Permanent data wiping is guaranteed in compliance with global media sanitization standards like NIST 800-88.

2. Boosts Productivity: BitRaser PXE boot data wiping solution is a great tool to wipe multiple machines on a network simultaneously.

3. Ease of Access through Cloud Repository: Erasure reports & certificates are stored in a cloud repository for easy access from any location.

4. Supportive Customer Support: Upward Assets was delighted with the technical support team. They found the team to be useful in providing fast and quick solutions.

SEPT, 2022

“BitRaser wipes all drives and devices in sync with our compliance requirements. Tech Support and the staff have been great to work with. Whenever we faced any technical challenges, they worked with us and provided a fast solution.”

Zachary Watkins , CEO

  • Upward Assets

Business Need
    • Multiple types of drive wiping software
    • Supportive and responsive tech support
    • Increasing operational efficiency & scalability


    The ITAD was using a software that was not able to wipe different kinds of devices that they required. They were looking for a solution that could help them in increasing operational efficiency. They were also facing issues with the previous technical support.

BitRaser Drive Eraser

    Permanent data wiping on all types of storage devices. Enhanced efficiency through PXE deployment. Easy access to the reports through centralized cloud storage and a technically proficient and helpful tech support team.

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