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As a large enterprise, government agency or small business, you need a robust solution to safeguard the privacy & confidentiality of your business data and user information, in order to comply with the regulatory standards.

BitRaser brings to you a powerful solution to safeguard the privacy obligation and comply with applicable regulations through secure wiping of hard drives & SSDs used in office computers, laptops, & rack-mount storage devices along with phones storing crucial business information. BitRaser software variants for Drive, Mobile & File Eraser equip IT asset managers in enterprises, government firms and SMBs with an “all-round” media sanitization capability.These software tools offer a DIY utility through “plug-n-play” bootable USB stick, actuating on-premise erasure of multiple drives and mobile phones. The tool supports NIST 800-88, DoD 5220.22-M & other 22 International erasure standards, enabling businesses to attain 100% compliance with prevalent data privacy and security laws.


Wipe Drives, Devices, and Mobile Phones On Your Own

The software brings you an effortless way to erase all types of drives and devices without the need for assistance or special setup.

Plug-n-Play Drive Wiping with Bootable USB Stick

BitRaser Drive Eraser brings you a ‘DIY’ capability to erase multiple hard drives, PCs, Mac devices, rack-mount servers, & workstation computers in your existing setup using a bootable USB. The software supports NIST Clear, NIST-ATA Purge, DoD 5220.22-M (3 passes), DoD 5200.22-M (ECE) with a total of 24 globally recognized standards to wipe the storage media beyond the scope of data recovery.

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Single Solution For Android & iOS Wiping

BitRaser Mobile Eraser & Diagnostics variant provides you an easy way to erase your confidential data stored on Android® and iOS® devices (iPhone®, iPad®) at the end of life of the asset for reuse-recycle-resale. The software is required to be installed on a dedicated workstation, for wiping all the connected Android® and iOS® devices using DoD, NIST and total of 10 global erasure standards. Apart from wiping, the tool can also perform diagnostic tests to check the health functionality of devices.

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Dual Drive Wiping Options To Prevent Data Leakage

Leverage cloud to erase drives at multiple Internet-enabled locations worldwide or choose Offline variant to wipe drives at offline facilities.

Powerful Cloud-Console Utility For User & License Management

Cloud-based BitRaser solution comes with benefits such as -

  • Simultaneous erasure of drives and devices at physically spread out facilities
  • Multiple user creation across boundaries to perform erasure of drives or mobile devices depending upon variant you choose.
  • Flexibility of distributing licenses along with managing central cloud repository of reports & certificates.

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BitRaser Offline deployment mode offers following benefits -

  • Simultaneous erasure of drives through portable USB media without Internet
  • Wiping of storage media at restricted sites that do not have internet access, such as R&D facilities and military establishments.
  • Compliance with business policies that restrict process documentation & record keeping to local systems

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Automated & Tamper-proof Audit Trails

BitRaser, a certified data erasure solution, is best suited for organizations to erase their confidential data before disposing their old internal assets to meet compliance and prevent data breach. The tool auto-generates tamper-proof reports & certificates of erasure.

These verifiable reports serve as immutable trails for audit requirements, guaranteeing compliance with regulations such as EU-GDPR, HIPAA, GLBA, SOX, and PCI-DSS etc. and mitigate risks of data leakage, financial loss, brand damage etc.


Secure Privacy Across the Device Lifecycle

BitRaser secures data across a wide-range of threat scenarios in the device lifecycle. It protects data leakage from “actively used” computers through erasure of unwanted sensitive files such as financial reports & BI data, etc.

Further, BitRaser wipes the devices across the resell, reallocate, return, donate & disposal phases, thus neutralizing all data threat actors.

It serves as a perfect “risk mitigation” tool to safeguard businesses from threats of data leakage, such as financial loss, brand damage, & lawsuit.


World-Class Media Sanitization Technology

BitRaser tools have been rigorously tested, certified, and approved by leading international accreditation bodies, ensuring best-in-class solutions for the users.

BitRaser Drive and Mobile erasure tools have been certified by the UK-based Asset Disposal and Information Security Alliance (ADISA).

In addition, the software has received the coveted HIPAA Seal of Compliance, Certificate of Compliance from NYCE, and STQC Erasure Verification Compliance. Being compliant with leading standards, BitRaser can guarantee you a failsafe media sanitization solution.


Protect Data Privacy Across IT Asset Lifecycle

Having BitRaser as a solution in your organization’s media sanitization policy framework can boost the efficacy of your data privacy efforts, as follows:

  • Secures privacy of data stored on in-service devices through pre-scheduled erasure of sensitive files before reallocation.
  • Erases IT assets before they exit the company’s primary ownership norms through reselling, returning or donation.
  • Wipes inventoried devices to nullify potential risks of data theft due to misappropriation.

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