BitRaser® Drive Eraser - Multiple Deployment

How to Wipe Multiple Hard Drives Simultaneously?

This guide provides easy-to-use instructions on how to wipe multiple hard drives at once using BitRaser Drive Eraser software in "Multiple deployment" mode. The tool provides a "plug-n-play" utility for erasing up to 100 hard drives mounted in a storage rack through a simple and efficient process.

The instructions are broken down into three stages to getting you a fast and practical way to wipe multiple hard drives simultaneously with minimal efforts through the following stages:

Stage 1 (One-time) 5 Minutes

Provides the steps to download the software ISO image file from BitRaser cloud

Stage 2 (One-time) 5 Minutes

Provides instructions to create a bootable USB for wiping hard drives.

Stage 3 

Shares the steps to wipe rack-mount hard drives using BitRaser software through bootable USB.

These instructions help you to wipe multiple drives in less than 10 minutes.

Note: Total wiping time will vary as per the hard drive type, storage capacity, and erasure standard.

Stage 1

Download BitRaser Drive Eraser ISO Image File from BitRaser Cloud

  • Step 1 Login to your cloud account using the credentials delivered to your email.
  • Step 2 Click the user profile icon on BitRaser cloud Home screen to view the BitRaser Drive Eraser downloadable ISO file
  • Step 3 Click Download BitRaser Drive ISO to download the software ISO image

Stage 2

Burn BitRaser Drive Eraser ISO on a USB drive to create bootable media

  • Step 1 Visit to download rufus – an open-source application for creating bootable USB flash drives.
  • Step 2 Install Rufus on your laptop or desktop and connect a USB drive to the system.
  • Step 3 Launch Rufus and follow the instructions displayed in the below image. Click START to initiate the steps for bootable USB media creation
  • Step 4 Click 'Yes' on the pop-up message box to proceed.
  • Step 5 Click OK on the final pop-up confirmation message to burn the BitRaser Drive Eraser ISO file on the USB.

Tip: You can use the same BitRaser Drive Eraser bootable USB media to wipe multiple hard drives on Windows PCs and Mac systems.

Stage 3

Wipe multiple hard drives using BitRaser bootable USB media

Follow these steps to erase several hard drives simultaneously:

  • Step 1 Gather all the hard drives and mount them in the storage rack.
  • Step 2 Connect the storage rack to a display device.
  • Step 3 Plug the bootable USB media into the storage rack.
  • Step 4 Power ON the system and enter the Boot menu by pressing the applicable Function keys for your device.
  • Step 5 Select the USB Device option and press Enter.
    • A screen with BitRaser Dual Boot Menu will appear after the host computer boots successfully.
  • Step 6 Select BitRaser and press Enter to initialize BitRaser Drive Eraser.
    • The software Home screen will appear, listing all the hard drives, including the built-in & USB drives connected to the host machine. The interface will display the number of licenses left as '0'.
    • At this stage, you need to connect the host machine to the Internet and log in to BitRaser cloud for acquiring licenses for wiping the rack mount hard drives, as follows:

  • Step 7 Click the Settings icon on the top right corner.
  • Step 8 Click the Network tab in the Settings window.
  • For Ethernet, follow these steps:

    • Select the Ethernet radio button.
    • Select the Host machine in the Configuration dropdown menu.
    • Choose Automatic (DHCP). All other fields will be auto-populated.
    • Click Connect.

    For Wi-Fi, follow these steps:

    • Select the Wireless radio button.
    • Select the Host machine in the Configuration dropdown menu
    • Select the wireless network in the SSID Name dropdown menu
    • Enter the wireless network password and click connect
  • Step 9 Next, click the BitRaser Server tab in the Settings window
  • Step 10 Enter BitRaser cloud URL, login user name & password. Click Connect

    • The software will automatically acquire licenses from your BitRaser cloud account. You would be able to see the License Left count on the bottom right corner.
  • Step 11 Select the checkboxes for hard drives you wish to erase.
  • Step 12 Select the Erasure Method from the dropdown list on the bottom of the screen and click Erase.
    • A confirmation message will pop up to start wiping the hard drives.
  • Step 13 Click 'Yes' to start wiping the hard drive.
    • The software will start erasing the hard drives, displaying the progress.
    • After wiping the hard drives, the software will generate digitally signed reports for all the erased hard drives and save them automatically on your BitRaser Cloud account.
    • You have wiped multiple drives simultaneously using
      BitRaser Drive Eraser software.


Blank USB:
2 GB or More
Internet connectivity: Ethernet or Wi-Fi
Storage rack for mounting hard drives
Hard drives that need to be wiped

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